ITV Emmerdale fans split as April fakes Marlon’s covid test to control him

Emmerdale viewers were divided when they witnessed April Windsor fabricate a COVID test result.

On tonight’s episode, the Amelia Flanagan-played character intensified her domineering behavior. Marlon, her father, was in good health, but April forced him to submit to a covid test.

Marlon was confused when it appeared that he had the virus since the cunning kid had looked out how to fake a positive result online. She attempted to persuade him to stay inside when he informed her that the restrictions had been lifted and she could now go out with Covid.

ITV soap opera viewers had mixed feelings about the plot; some thought it was offensive, while others thought it was fantastic. One Twitter user stated: “Covid fraud. That’s great, I’ll use that one: #emmerdale.”

Brucie said: “A child going above and above to defend their parent is lovely to watch! Marchal, April, and Emmerdale”

Others, meanwhile, criticized the program. A COVID test forgery, according to Sophie, “will probs get you arrested in some circles… #emmerdale,” she said.

Garry stated: “Bravo to Emmerdale, ITV, and ITVStudios. A tale about falsifying COVID testing with a message about not being required to isolate should be included. This will humiliate everyone who suffered and died.”

Marlon was on life support after having a stroke last year, and it was uncertain if he would live at all. But with a great deal of courage, tenacity, effort, and assistance, he has significantly improved and can now complete the majority of tasks on his own.

His daughter April, however, has recently grown unduly anxious and is attempting to keep him inside so that she can properly monitor him.

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