ITV Emmerdale fans ‘rumble’ future Mack storyline as mystery woman revealed as someone close to home

As Mackenzie Boyd returned home to his lover Charity Dingle after cheating on her, Emmerdale viewers believe they have “rumbled” what would happen to him next. ITV soap opera viewers watched as he told Charity a lie about where he was after spending the night out after an argument.

When the couple learned Charity was experiencing an eptopic pregnancy last month, they were devastated. Charity, who had initially planned an abortion, eventually warmed to the thought of becoming a mother once more, but in heartbreaking scenes, he rushed Charity to the hospital, where she was told her pregnancy wasn’t viable and she was doubled over in anguish.

Since then, the two have found it difficult to express their emotions to one another because they are each coping with their loss in a unique way.

In moments that were broadcast earlier this week, Charity lost it when Mack summoned the bravery to urge that they try for another child. She informed him that she didn’t want it and that she might not even conceive again.

Mack, however, didn’t take their advice and even suggested they go into IVF.

Charity screamed and Mack went off. “If you want to be a parent someday it is not going to be with me, so if you are that desperate to have a sprog you are going to have to find somebody else.”

When he ran across Moira at The Hide after his return, he informed her how harsh Charity had been.

Later, he sulked off into town, and when viewers returned, Mack was in bed with a different woman. When the mysterious woman knocked his phone out of his hand, he smirked and checked his phone to see the missed calls from Charity before crawling back under the covers.

Although they didn’t see who Mack was with, Emmerdale viewers speculate that it might be a’missing’ character. On Friday night’s excursion to the Yorkshire Dales, it appeared to be confirmed that the two know one another.

After they had made amends, Mack got a call from an unknown number that said, “Need to see you.”

Later, when the individual contacted Mack’s phone, he gave the impression of being in a panic and told them to leave him alone.

He yelled: “Why do you keep bothering me? We don’t need to discuss it, no. When we run into each other at The Wooly, we need to act as if nothing ever occurred and forget about it.”

Even though the woman’s identity has not yet been established, Emmerdale watchers think they know where the plot is going. @Bas51095594 “Whoever Mack slept with, she’ll be pregnant #emmerdale,” Bas tweeted. echoed @Bajan20101: “The dog McKenzie is filthy! I bet the woman he slept with now becomes pregnant! #Emmerdale.”

When they said: @PierceLindsey sounded unimpressed “#Emmerdale. Assume Charity and Mack reconcile, at which point his one-night stand confesses to being his mother. Yawn.” “I bet Mac has gotten mystery woman pregnant and it will come out later on #emmerdale,” remarked @kelliemgk.

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