ITV Emmerdale fans rage that ‘disgusting’ storyline is ‘making their skin crawl’ and they’re ‘losing interest’ in soap

Emmerdale viewers claim they have already “lost interest” in the show’s upcoming bombshell plot.

Just last week, viewers of the ITV soap opera watched as Caleb and Nicky Milligan’s identities were finally revealed.

Fans gasped as they saw the two revealed to be father and son attempting to acquire Home Farm from Caleb’s deceased father Frank Tate’s ex-girlfriend Kim.

Kim is unaware that she has entered into business with her long-lost step-son, who is out to destroy her and steal all of her money.

Nicky played along as Gabby Thomas’ fiance and the nanny for her son Thomas in order to get additional information about the firm from her, and as a result, Gabby Thomas has also become involved in the scandal.

‘Bored’ viewers, however, are already wishing they could shut off as they criticized the soap for the plot despite the drama still having some way to go.

One fan criticized the “scary” characters on Twitter, writing: “#Emmerdale I don’t like gobby Gabby, but what shady Nicky & creepy Caleb are doing is truly bloody horrible as plots go.

“This Caleb/Nicky storyline has lost its edge,” another person commented. I no longer care and I also detest hurting Gabby!”

Another added infuriatingly, “#Nicky makes my skin crawl! #Caleb.”

Many fans sided with Gabby and Kim and opposed the newest additions to the Dales as the comments kept coming in.

The truth about Nicky will break Gabby’s heart, but she’ll likely be more irate over the fact that Kim was right to doubt him in the first place, a fan remarked.

Before, someone else left a harsh internet evaluation of Caleb in which they were unrelenting in their criticism.

They wrote: “WTF, seriously, is Caleb constantly in the center of everything? Kyle, Gabby/Nicky/Kim, Cain and Amy/Will, Chas and Paddy, and now Leyla?

She should concentrate on her recuperation rather than another sketchy guy. Why did they make out as though Cain was being drawn in? who or what? Get even with Kim?

Kim won’t give up without a fight, and only time will tell if the villainous Caleb and Nicky succeed in seizing her millions.

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