ITV Emmerdale fans question Manpreet’s qualifications as they spot error in Charles scenes

Following her rescue of her partner Charles Anderson, Manpreet Sharma’s role as a doctor was called into doubt by Emmerdale viewers.

The vicar was discovered unconscious in the church following a heated argument with his daughter in scenes that were broadcast on the ITV soap on Monday night (August 15).

This year, Charles only recently learned that Naomi existed. After he left his marriage after having an affair, his wife Esme gave birth to their daughter.

Charles has now made an effort to get to know his daughter, but his efforts have been unsuccessful. Naomi yelled at him in scenes that were broadcast last week when he showed up to her dinner with her brother Ethan.

She stormed off because she felt “set up,” and Manpreet later saw her waiting for the bus.

However, Naomi mentioned her serial murderer sister Meena in response to her meddling.

When questioned if Naomi was threatening her, Charles’ daughter replied chillingly, “You tell me,” warning Naomi that she doesn’t “take kindly to people who intervene.”

However, Charles and Naomi had a contentious dispute in the most recent Emmerdale scenes. Unbeknownst to them, Charles’ companion Manpreet Sharma had entered the church and overheard some of their conversation before the stranger broke through the doors and started to walk away in the direction of the bus stop.

Manpreet was terrified and shocked to discover Charles unconscious and with a head injury on the floor of the church.

When Harriet Finch arrived inside the church and realized what had happened, she immediately dialed for an ambulance.

However, as soon as Manpreet found her partner on the floor, viewers began to flood social media to criticise her conduct. Posted by Trisha Edwards on Facebook: “Given how Manpreet handled Charles, you’d never guess that she’s a general practitioner.

As a general practitioner, you’d think Manpreet would know that shaking an unconscious patient and yelling “wake up” isn’t the greatest course of action, said Lindsey Skelton-Smith.”

remarked Laura Hamilton: “Manpreet, who claims to be a doctor of medicine, discovers someone unconscious and doesn’t try to put them in the recovery posture. Here, we’re discussing basic first aid.”

Naomi hurried back to the chapel as soon as she saw the paramedics arrive while Manpreet, a GP, informed the emergency personnel of Charles’ condition. Naomi, who was obviously concerned, asked Charles if he was well, but Manpreet told her to go and claimed responsibility for Charles’ mishap.

Before being detained on charges of violence, Naomi attempted to flee from Harriet. Manpreet didn’t waste any time in informing his son Ethan that Naomi was to blame and that she reminded her of her murderous sister, Meena Jutla, while Charles was still in the hospital and in a serious state.

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