ITV Emmerdale fans predict twist for dad of Amelia’s baby – and it’s ‘not Samson’

Fans of Emmerdale believe that there will soon be a major surprise with Amelia Spencer’s pregnancy.

Samson Dingle was recently found to be the likely father of the pregnant adolescent after it was discovered that they had slept together. But the character hasn’t changed since he won’t accept the truth of the circumstance.

When Noah Dingle was incarcerated, Amelia grew close to him and visited him frequently. Now, Noah Dingle has volunteered to offer to take care of Amelia and the infant. Originally fans assumed he could be the dad but now some watchers have pondered whether another twist could be on the cards.

They speculate that womanizer Kit may be the biological father and that Amelia, who is 16 years old, may be filling in for him because of their age difference. Kit was recently found to be contacting other women and having affairs with both Laurel Thomas and her stepdaughter Gabby.

Fans expressed their ideas and theories on Twitter. A user stated: “#Emmerdale Amelia is lying to protect Samson, who is in no manner Kit’s father. Kit is Kit.” Michelle stated in the meantime: “Kit for the baby’s father, who is Amelia! #emmerdale.”

In the meantime, Noah recently took Amelia’s relationship a step further by proposing to her. Before suggesting that they leave the fictional Yorkshire village and elope to London, Amelia got their consent.

The age gap between the two characters, however, diverted viewers who were watching the conversation on Twitter. She is 15 and he is 18! This show just gets worse, Jordan exclaimed.

So I take it we’re supposed to disregard the fact that Noah, 18, asked Amelia, 15, to be his girlfriend, said Owen. You’re 18 Noah, why are you hanging out with a 15-year-old? Dion wrote on Facebook.

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