ITV Emmerdale fans point out problem with Millie Tate’s return as they ‘figure out’ Jamie comeback

Fans of the ITV soap opera Emmerdale weren’t in for a treat on Thursday night (September 15), as there wasn’t a triple feature of the show.

After being hidden from her grandma Kim Tate, Millie Tate returned. Following the horrific murder of her mother Andrea Tate in the maze fire last year, the child was taken to live with her other grandparent, Hazel.

Unbeknownst to Kim, Jamie, the girl’s father, who had faked his own death, was silencing the child.

Kim, however, learned the truth about her son when Hazel ended herself in the hospital. When Hazel and her granddaughter didn’t show up for their scheduled meeting to look at bridesmaid dresses, she was immediately devastated.

But all that happened was the startling revelation. When Kim, played by Claire King, realized that Hazel had been in an accident, she went to the hospital where she learnt that Jamie had pushed her down the stairs and that he was still alive.

After being taken aback, Kim demanded explanations before taking up the phone to report her son to the police. After that, she took Millie home, but things quickly became worse when the child escaped and was later discovered in the old house that she shared with her mother and the nurse Wendy Posner.

After Millie was intimidated by her grandma as a result of her dad’s influence, Kim and Wendy argued over where she should reside.

However, viewers of Emmerdale couldn’t resist but point out a mistake in Hazle’s account of what transpired.

Tweeted @spartacus2906: “Jamie then throws her down the steps in an attempt to keep Millie from accompanying him on his flight out of the country, but he leaves the scene without her.

Make that make sense, please! #emmerdale.”

RT @Twig9876: “Jamie pushed Millie down the stairs but didn’t immediately grab her and run off. V strange #emmerdale” Posted by @MissyHarvey: “Why the heck didn’t Jamie bring Millie along? #Emmerdale.”

Chlodgshore enquired: “What the hell is this? She sheltered Jamie for months before abruptly changing her mind in #emmerdale.” Posted by @ChurchieBoy1986 “#Emmerdale I suspect Kim is being played.” Added by @RyanGSoapKing11 “Kim nibbled on her own blood and flesh. Kim might suspect Hazel of lying. #Emmerdale.”

Some, however, believe that this will pave the way for Jamie to return before the soap opera’s 50th anniversary celebrations begin next month. So Jamie will be back then, according to @DannNotDaniel, for #Emmerdale. “Soon as Jamie finds out that Millie is back at home farm with Kim, he will soon be returning heaven help us all,” commented @BenthamFans in reference to Emmerdale. Posted by @News4Emmerdale “So Jamie will return the following month. Emmerdale, hashtag #Emmerdale50.”

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