ITV Emmerdale fans point out blunder as Chas and Mandy try to bring Paddy home

Fans of Emmerdale noticed a mistake when Paddy Kirk managed to avoid being discovered by his estranged wife Chas Dingle and ex-girlfriend Mandy Dingle. After Paddy left the village without saying anything to his family, viewers tuning in to the ITV soap opera on Tuesday (February 14) hoped to learn more about his whereabouts.

Dominic Brunt’s beloved ITV soap character, Mandy, fled the made-up Yorkshire village after an unplanned meeting with his ex-wife. However, Paddy’s decision to abruptly abandon his family comes after viewers have watched the veteran struggle ever since his marriage crumbled after he learned his wife Chas had been having an affair with the now-deceased Al Chapman.

Since then, Paddy has struggled with Chas’ affair while still residing with her at The Woolpack as they try to peacefully co-parent their daughter. In scenes from the soap opera that were broadcast on Monday night (February 13), Paddy’s family was shown being informed by the police that they were reducing their search for him after they discovered that he had been observed withdrawing cash from a cash machine in Skipdale.

When PC Swirling arrived at the bar, he informed the family that Paddy had been spotted and showed them the CCTV. The police officer acknowledged that Paddy was in the video and that they wouldn’t look for him any longer, indicating that he is not in danger.

After calling many guest hotels in the Skipdale area, the family decided to take matters into their own hands. On Tuesday night’s journey to the Dales, Charity Dingle was able to locate Paddy, and it was an anxious Mandy and Chas who went in search of him. Paddy had left, but the owner assured the two that he would be back in time to watch an edition of Celebrity Catchphrase.

It was decided that Mandy would stay at the guesthouse in case Paddy returned while Chas went back home to take care of her and Paddy’s small daughter, Eve, after they had a heart-to-heart while they waited for Paddy’s return. Mandy had blamed herself for Paddy’s departure.

Paddy crouched behind a pillar at the end of a driveway as Chas drove off in the final seconds of the episode, though. Paddy came out and started walking away from the guesthouse where he was staying as he saw Mandy go back inside. And the primary issue with Mandy and Chas’ efforts was quickly identified by Emmerdale viewers.

Tweeted @flicksfan was: “#emmerdale Chas and Mandy must not have known Paddy would notice their car outside.” Posted by @Chris1968E “#Emmerdale They don’t believe Paddy will recognize the vehicle or that Paddy is ignorant in Emmerdale because of his wounded heart.” Added by @Zombiechick1967: “Paddy will also spot the car parked outside and make a rush for it if he doesn’t want to see them! #Emmerdale.”

Others were perplexed as to how Chas missed Paddy’s attempt to hide from her gaze. Good thing Mandy and Chas aren’t police officers, according to @MattZeeMiller, who added that Paddy “hardly had decent hiding place at all yet still not noticed at all #emmerdale.” “He was virtually standing in front of the car & she didn’t see him!! #Emmerdale,” tweeted @Zombiechick1967.

“How did Chas not spot Paddy as she was driving out he was in front of her #Emmerdale,” asked @ShaneF Official. In #Emmerdale, @Chris1968E continued, “Paddy must’ve run (yep, I know) across the road while Chas was driving out so how the hell did she not notice him.”

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