ITV Emmerdale fans make same complaint about Charles as he discovers truth about Naomi

Fans of Emmerdale had their fears verified on the most recent trip to the Dales when Naomi Walters’ participation in the attack on Nicola King came to light.

The long-running character was viciously set up on earlier this year by a gang of girls, which appalled viewers of the ITV soap opera.

He saw two girls who seemed to be drinking as she made her way back to her car after having a drink with half-sister Bernice Blackstock and Laurel Thomas.

After exchanging a few remarks, Nicola found herself outnumbered as additional teenagers showed up and ringed her. In the end, the group tormented Nicola by grabbing her luggage and searching through her possessions.

Her phone and keys were then hurled across the floor before they ordered her to “go fetch” them.

The mob pushed Nicola to the ground as she picked up her broken phone because they weren’t ready to let her leave. And as she lay helpless on the ground, the girls kicked her in horrible scenes.

Nicola pleaded with them to stop as one of the gang members proceeded to kick her as the others watched and laughed.

Eventually, no one was there to assist Nicola and she was left on the floor by herself. One individual did, however, pause and apologize to Nicola even though she could only see her trainers.

Additionally, Naomi and Nicola first met on Thursday night’s episode of Emmerdale when Naomi was hired as a café employee.

When Nicola noticed her gold pumps as they sat down to get to know one another a little better, she immediately had a flashback to the day of her terrible attack.

Upon recognizing Naomi’s shoes and voice as belonging to the girl who apologized to her after the beating, Nicola started to worry and sobbed uncontrollably.

In the end, Nicola confronted Naomi, who pretended to know nothing and implied that she was crazy. Charles Anderson, Nicola’s father, also paid her a visit and attempted to persuade her that she was mistaken.

Nicola decided to call the police after having second thoughts, and they subsequently arrived at the house.

She was arrested as a result of her refusal to voluntarily accompany them to the station. Charles was relieved to see her appear at the pub after she was later released without any evidence to accuse her.

She later confessed to him, though, that she had been present the night of the assault when her father made an angry attempt to confront Nicola and her husband Jimmy. “I was present. I had been there that day “She spoke rashly to the vicar. But she stopped talking and took off. However, Charles’ behavior as he addressed Nicola kept viewers’ attention.

He doesn’t behave like a priest; he gets irate and wants to fight, according to @pinkapril2. “What sort of vicar is he, he’s constantly having a go about something, nasty piece of work, who’d go to him for guidance,” Charlotte Grady said on Facebook. According to Jo Silverstein-Stenhouse, “That is not appropriate behavior for a man of the cloth. What a bizarre plot that is.”

Given that Ashley beat his father and Harriet covered up a murder, @ifeelflames tweeted: “I think Charles could well be the worst vicar #Emmerdale has ever had. Thanks QUITE an achievement.” Added by @Ockeghem1497: “Charles formerly had a good disposition. Now that #Emmerdale is on, he has become an oddly hostile vicar.”

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