ITV Emmerdale fans ‘glad’ Aaron has discovered Chas’ affair with Al as they work out what she’ll do

Fans of Emmerdale have expressed their happiness that Aaron Dingle saw his mother Chas while she was cuddling with Al Chapman.

As viewers of the ITV soap opera are aware, Chas and her erstwhile adversary Al have been having an affair in secret for months as she seeks solace elsewhere as her mother battles terminal disease.

To the dismay of fans, the pair has been stealing telling glances and skulking off with each other behind the backs of Paddy Kirk and Kerry Wyatt. Things in soap operas, however, don’t stay a secret for very long, and during Thursday night’s excursion to the Dales, Chas’ son Aaron noticed the couple up to no good.

Al told his secret partner that he was going to break up with Kerry during the hour-long episode while searching at a place for him and Chas to flee to.

But when Kerry asked him to marry him in the middle of The Woolpack, he was taken aback. He agreed under duress, but he and Chas later crossed paths.

He declared that he was still committed to her, and they had another clandestine kiss before Aaron discovered them and stormed off.

Aaron was unhappy with his mother back at The Woolpack because she had said that it was difficult for her to manage running the bar, caring for Eve’s mother, and looking after daughter Eve.

Although she claimed Al was there for her, Aaron brought up her husband Paddy, whom he views as his father.

Chas claimed that he was either working, supporting Marlon, or attending a veterinary conference when she needed him.

She also said she felt alone caring for Eve and Faith, and that Al was a relief for her, despite Aaron’s argument that he was attempting to care for his family.

Although Chas’ justifications infuriated Emmerdale viewers, they all shared their joy when Aaron foiled them. “Aaron ripping into Chas is what we needed on this Thursday night,” @BovaryCee tweeted.

He repeatedly reminded her of her mistakes. #Emmerdale.” “Aaron telling Chas everything the nation has been screaming at their television screens for weeks #emmerdale,” said @ifeelflames.

The remark from @anneg12001 was, “Glad Aaron caught her. Aaron, tell her to go! Delighted Aaron is back, wrote @elizabeth odriscoll_. Aaron caught them, and he was thrilled to do so. Wish Al and Chas would go now. “So thankful it was Aaron that caught them,” @jackie.cowan68 added.

Fans, though, believe they already know what Chas will do. @ jean4381 Great Aaron is back and I’m delighted he captured her, but I’m not sure she’ll give Al up, said the speaker.

“Aaron is only back for a little while, so I’m guessing she selects Al hoping they both clear out, it’s the most unconvincing affair I’ve ever seen,” tweeted @sharonwells92. The remark from @remsterldn 97 was “Chas Dingle Will Choose Al Champman.”

“I guess she and Al decide to do a runner,” @lilly 1967a wrote. “She’s going to pick Al, therefore Aaron will leave again,” wrote @clairebolton61. “Really want want him to remain; it’s been nice having him back again.”

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