ITV Emmerdale fans fume ‘sort it out’ as they spot ‘ridiculous’ weather blunder

On Tuesday (April 11), Emmerdale viewers were left furious at their television screens after noticing a “ridiculous” weather error.

The long-running serial returned on Tuesday with a bang, but it quickly got viewers buzzing at home.

Bad guy Caleb was first spotted outside during a strong snowstorm at the beginning of the episode.

Afterwards, the snow appeared to have disappeared, and the error was noticed by watchers at home.

“So, one moment we have a lot of snow, the next we have none! Please, @emmerdale, arrange for filming! This is becoming worse and worse,” one guy fumed.

Another said, “There’s a snowstorm and tons of snow one minute, then there’s nothing.”

The third individual remarked, “The snow soon vanished.

Another person added, “The snow is just getting insane now,” to the conversation.

Four more chimed in, “Poor continuity tonight, one scene it’s heavy snow, next it’s fields and roads all clear, then Caleb chats to Leila and hey presto snow snow everywhere.”

In another part of the show, Caleb began carrying out his strategy to overthrow Kim and “grab all the tate money” from Home Farm.

The fact that Caleb is the son of Frank Tate and seeks to exact revenge for his father’s murder was made known last week.

Frank was the original owner of Home Farm and lived there with Kim and his children Chris and Zoe. After Frank passed away, Kim stole from him and concealed assets.

On Tuesday night, it seemed that Caleb’s strategy of instilling Kim with enough paranoia to follow his instructions with her money was still effective.

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