ITV Emmerdale fans fume as they make Vinny and Liv plea amid Sandra return

As Liv Flaherty’s mother makes a comeback, Emmerdale viewers have been giving the same straightforward message to the show’s producers.

When Sandra Flaherty last seen in the ITV soap opera, she was reunited with her daughter at a campground in Wales as her drinking problem grew worse.

Throughout the reunion, the two drank together before Sandra became alarmed when she saw Liv having a seizure.

After learning that Liv had epilepsy from her brother Aaron, who had located Liv, Sandra felt she was unqualified to care for Liv and advised her to go back to the village.

Since that time, Liv has overcome significant obstacles to stay sober and reconcile with her boyfriend Vinny Dingle. The two later eloped and became husband and wife.

But when Sandra waltzed back into their lives in the scenes that aired on Friday night (July 8), their straightforward marriage was upended.

The ITV soap’s Joanne Mitchell-played alcoholic was pleading with her daughter for support and admonished her to change.

Vinny wasn’t persuaded, but Liv did seem ready to offer assistance. Before Liv and her friend Gabby Thomas discovered Sandra intoxicated in the cemetery, they did, however, send her on her way.

Sandra managed to trick Liv, who ultimately invited her to stay with her.

But at the conclusion of the episode, Vinny overheard his mother-in-law picking up a phone call, which gave away her actual motivations for returning to Liv’s life.

She remarked, “I said I’d call you when I had the chance. “You’ll soon receive your money, so don’t worry. Everything is under control. Chat later.”

She lied and said: “Everything is fine,” in response to Vinny’s inquiry “Nothing is lacking.

Just catching up with an old friend. There are never enough hours in the day, right?”

Fans of Emmerdale did make one thing very plain as watchers wait to find out what Sandra’s true intentions are.

Tweeted @JordanPhelps21: “If #Emmerdale separated Liv and Vinny, I swear! I’m going to yell! Just let them be!” Tweeted @ChewBarker78: “Again, here we are. One another disgusting tale to ruin someone’s life. Be silent about Vinny and Liv! #Emmerdale.”

After the couple returned to television together for the first time in a while, much to fans’ joy, the drama began. xKellieLou reported: “It’s good to have Vinny and Liv back in action on Emmerdale.

Can’t believe the wedding was 4 months ago. Liv and Vinny deserved more screen time, so I’m delighted they got it in #Emmerdale, said @RyanGSoapKing11.”

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