ITV Emmerdale fans figure out Caleb’s link to the village after Home Farm threat

While trying diligently to uncover Caleb Miligan’s secret, Emmerdale fans believe they may have discovered exactly what his connection to the community is. On Christmas Day, William Ash’s portrayal of the character made his debut appearance in the ITV soap opera when he visited his half-brother Cain Dingle in jail.

Once it was discovered that Cain and Amy Wyatt’s kid, Kyle Winchester, was the one who fatally shot Al Chapman, Caleb has been seen meddling in the lives of his new family, particularly Cain’s, by helping him obtain an early release from prison and enlisting the aid of lawyers.

But, after going into business with Will Taylor’s wife, Kim Tate, he has been making enemies of Will Taylor.

After Amy complained to her about Cain for confronting her about seeing their son, Kyle, even though it was against their bail conditions while the 10-year-old waits to find out if he’ll be sentenced for Al’s death, Will was seen complaining to Amy about Caleb during Wednesday night’s trip to the Dales.

Will said Cain and Caleb, who seem to be supporting one other despite Cain’s initial doubts, “really get on my pip” after hearing Amy’s problems.

Later, while watching over Kyle for Amy, Will got into a fight with Cain when he told the boy’s father he couldn’t approach him because of Amy’s orders.

Caleb persuaded Cain to make atonement, but things didn’t work out as expected. Later, on Thursday night’s journey to the Dales, Will was irate with the brothers over Caleb’s surprise arrival at Home Farm before Cain sneaked in for retaliation and released his new horse, Apollo, loose into the community.

Caleb and Sam stepped in to save the day as Will was having trouble controlling the horse.

Will later appears to mend fences with Caleb and apologize to Sam for his earlier outburst at him as he regrets how everything went so wrong. But when Will learned that Cain was the one who set the horse free, chaos ensued, and a fight broke out in The Woolpack.

After leaving the bar, Caleb attempted to reason with Cain, but Cain turned on him and began questioning Caleb’s connection to Home Farm. Although Cain was shocked to learn that Caleb genuinely intended to destroy Kim’s mansion, viewers are aware that he is keeping a secret.

Caleb said to Cain, “See, I pick my battles, and that way I always win. In response to Cain’s question, Caleb replied, “With me taking it all, and leaving them with nothing.”

Fans of Emmerdale are still trying to figure out what Caleb’s issue is and now believe he might be connected to DI Malone, a previous detective who was assassinated by Will’s daughter, Dawn, in self-defense. The late Harriet Finch also contributed to the cover-up of the crime, and Will later needed Kim’s assistance when Malone’s body was almost discovered.

Tweeted @spartacus2963: “I’m now pondering whether Caleb is associated with or related to the missing (and now deceased) DI Malone. Malone originally engaged in some shady business with Cain when he first entered the area. #emmerdale.” “I suppose Caleb is either Will’s long-lost brother, Dawn’s father, or has something to do with DI Malone,” said @miss akaur13. Added by @lizzie edwards: “#emmerdale I believe that Caleb, not Cain Dingle, was the brother of Dawn Taylor who was murdered.”

Some, though, continue to believe that he might be employed by Jamie Tate, Kim’s’missing’ son. Tweeted @AvniDhirr was: “#Emmerdale Caleb is definitely working with Jamie Tate to bring his mother down, or it may even be Joe seeking retribution. A runt from Dingle most likely wouldn’t have the resources to do everything he is.”

“My hunch is that Caleb is collaborating with either Jamie or Joe Tate to exact revenge on Kim #Emmerdale,” @oliviarose18xx stated. Added by @Raven M0rrigan “Is Caleb friends with Jamie, Kim’s son? #emmerdale, hmm.”

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