ITV Emmerdale fans feel ‘uncomfortable’ as they work out David’s next move after Leyla discovery

After David Metcalfe discovered Leyla Cavanagh using drugs, Emmerdale viewers believe they know what will happen next.

The wedding planner has been hiding her drug use from her loved ones, as viewers of the ITV soap opera are aware, with only Suzy Merton being aware of it.

Suzy was quick to blame Jay Sharma for the drugs that were previously discovered in the Take A Vow office, but now she is the one taking responsibility for Leyla, who she used to party with away from the village.

It happened after Jay and Moira Barton learned that the newcomer had given money to Holly Barton, Moira’s daughter, on the night she overdosed and passed away.

Suzy is no longer around after being dumped by Vanessa Woodfield and shunned by Moira and Jay, so Leyla has allowed her drug abuse to get worse.

Leyla lost Kim Tate as a client during the episode that aired on Tuesday, July 19, when she realized that her wedding planner didn’t seem to be taking her upcoming nuptials seriously.

Leyla decided to use cocaine because she was angry about losing Kim but was unwilling to accept responsibility. However, as she angrily set up a line, her ex David, who was horrified, caught her.

She attempted to back out of it by saying she had only used drugs a few times in recent weeks before admitting she had a difficult year as a result of the death of her stepdaughter Leanna and coming dangerously close to being killed by Meena.

David, however, refused to believe her and insisted that she tell the truth. She persisted in lying, and when David confiscated the narcotics and escorted her out of the office, he could see how desperate she was and vowed to tell her husband Liam Cavanagh the truth so she could receive the assistance she required.

Leyla begged the store owner, insisting that she wasn’t an addict, but when he threatened to throw away the white powder, she reportedly panicked and rapidly changed her story in an effort to convince David of her lies.

Emmerdale viewers believe David may have discovered a solution to his recent financial problems, despite lover Victoria Sugden selling her inherited land to farmer Moira, as the episode closed with David pondering what he should do next. “This may be the perfect blackmail narrative now that David’s acquired some dirt #Emmerdale,” tweeted @VampLover27.

However, as predicted by @RileyCo10852974 “#Emmerdale My hypothesis is that David will be on his way to tell Liam, but he will be found in possession of drugs, leading everyone to believe he is an addict, and he will then blame Leyla, a sweet, innocent girl, for his actions.

The commenter @Chris1968E continued, “#Emmerdale now will David do the right thing & tell Liam or….”

In the meantime, spectators acknowledged that they found it “uncomfortable” to watch the characters on screen.

That’s because residents of the villages, like Leyla, were still wearing coats and more clothing than the UK could bear while many of us throughout the nation were roasting in the record-breaking temperatures.

@dondons100 left a comment “I’m catching up on #Emmerdale, and it’s giving me the creeps.

They’re wearing coats and jumpers while I’m roasting inside. They must know the season it will be shown in when they film, or else they wouldn’t be able to dress appropriately.”

Joked @penniless poet: “You do need assistance, Leyla, as it is 40 degrees outside and you are wearing a coat! #Emmerdale.” Added by @janwilliams00: “Even though #Emmerdale is a soap opera and is filmed four to six weeks in advance, it’s supposed to reflect July life.

Despite the fact that no two summers are ever the same in terms of the weather, you can be sure that July won’t require a coat. Every actor is donning a jacket, and one is donning a puffer.”

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