ITV Emmerdale fans demand storyline shake up as Lisa Riley poses with ‘bezzie’ co-star Dominic Brunt

Mandy Dingle is portrayed by actress Lisa Riley on ITV’s Emmerdale.

As Lisa Riley posed with her coworker and “bezzie,” Dominic Burnt, fans of the Emmerdale soap opera contacted ITV executives with requests to change the plot of Lisa Riley’s character.

The actress is well known for playing Mandy Dingle in the ITV soap opera since 1995. She took a 17-year sabbatical from the role in 2001 and returned in 2018, which was greatly appreciated.

Additionally, some of her plots have featured Dominic, an actor well known for playing Paddy Kirk. Their characters engaged in an affair when they were still living in the Dales and she was still married to Butch, her cousin.

She married Paddy but subsequently had another affair after being shunned by her family and eventually divorcing Butch. Mandy is still hunting for love, but things don’t seem promising for Paddy because his current spouse Chas Dingle is having an illicit relationship with a former foe named Al Chapman.

Actress Lisa decided to post a behind-the-scenes photo with her friend Dominic on social media because Mandy and Paddy don’t have many moments together.

The picture shows the couple making faces for the cameras. In the photo’s description, Lisa wrote: “THOSE GORGEOUS DAYS With my BEZZIE @dominicbrunt. @emmerdale when work doesn’t feel like work, after all these years, we still make each other laugh.”

Following the adorable photo, fans swarmed the comment section with pleas for Emmerdale executives to bring the characters back together and continue the plot of their romance.

According to @parrswoodmikey1969 “We need to see you both dating soon after Paddy learns about Chas & Al, which hopefully happens soon. Pleeeeeeeeaaaase.”

jackiefootitt stated: “When Chas eventually discovers AL. Consider reuniting Mandy and Paddy.” After learning what Chas has been up to, @cookinju commented, “Mandy and Paddy will get back together.”Bradley Johnson, Lisa’s on-screen son, was one of the first commenters and said the following in the comment section: “I love it! The best, simply.” “The best duo,” said Michelle Hardwick, who plays Vanessa Woodfield in the ITV soap opera. Victoria Smurfit, an Irish actress, added the phrase “Gorgeous pair of eejits” and an emoji of sobbing and laughter.

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