ITV Emmerdale fans demand Faith storyline is changed as they spot rare character change

Emmerdale fans have made it clear how they feel about Faith Dingle’s exit from the series after she was told her illness has returned. Viewers of the ITV serial know that Faith battled breast cancer in the past and endured a double mastectomy.

But in May, Sally Dexter, who plays the matriarch of the Dingle family, received the heartbreaking news that she has secondary cancer, which is when cancer has spread from its original site to a different part of the body.

Following tensions between her and her children Chas and Cain, she confided in her daughter-in-law Moira Barton as she felt she had nowhere else to turn.

Since that time, Chas and Cain have learned the reality of their mother’s poor health.

In tragic scenes, Faith made the decision to stop receiving the treatment that could have possibly extended her life after receiving a terminal prognosis.

Fans have witnessed Cain begin to mend bridges with the mother who abandoned him as a youngster after years of animosity, as her daughter has struggled to accept the approaching loss of her mother.

She still causes trouble, as viewers of Emmerdale this week have seen, despite her diagnosis.

They observed Chas acting suspiciously earlier this week when a dressed-up Faith left the house with Nate.

When Nate asked Faith what she was getting him engaged in, she stayed silent.

Nate felt apprehensive when Faith described her intention to reclaim something that belongs to her from her stepdaughter’s residence as they stood outside a “unknown” home.

Faith blags her way inside Angus’ home in typical Faith fashion, despite his hesitations at the entrance. But as soon as Angus discovers who Faith actually is, he becomes furious and orders her to leave.

When Nate declined to assist his grandmother on Wednesday night’s drive to the Dale so that she could return to Angus’ house, Faith once again took matters into her own hands by snatching Nate’s car and heading off to collect what she thinks is hers.

Later, when Faith appears in disguise and poses as a photographer for a real estate agent, Angus is duped. When he allows her in, Faith experiences a lightbulb moment. But shortly after, Faith darts out of Angus’ with a stolen bag, leaving Cain and Nate speechless.

They quickly come to her defense, and after she was back at Cain and Moira’s, Faith thought about a job well done and finally expressed her desires. And Chas, Cain, and Nate were delighted to receive the box of memories she had taken back. As they look over the various items, Cain and Chas recall their youth.

Fans of Emmerdale couldn’t help but draw attention to a pretty unusual occurrence that occurred during the family scenes. @kartingali left a comment “What a joy to witness Cain’s laughter. More must be done.” “Enjoyed seeing Cain laughing and happy,” said @lizjrobertson. “Cain…actually laughing…a sight to witness,” wrote @paulae67.

A sincere smile from Cain, said @foyjulie. “Fabulous never seen Cain laugh so much,” tweeted @jud8070. Don’t think I’ve ever seen Caine smile or laugh, continued @tracyclarke22.

But Faith’s upcoming departure still bothers many, who want it changed. Posted by @denisesullens “One of Emmerdale’s most adored characters is being written out, which is a scandal.

Excellent family dynamics bring many different emotions to the program.” Posted by @sophdean92: “The worst error you’ll make is to kill Faith off.

Can’t one receive effective treatment in a trial abroad? She is your best available actor.”

Posted by @no.13 not a house but a home “Fantastic episode. With Faith, you can alter your plot.

She’s fantastic. She can stay in Emmerdale if you send her to America for some fantastic theater. by far one of the best personalities.”

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