ITV Emmerdale fans demand ‘disaster to wipe out village’ as baby daddy plot ‘dragged out’

Emmerdale viewers who have become tired of the “dragged out” baby daddy narrative have begged for a “disaster to wipe out the entire community.”

Many people are feeling quite strongly about Amelia Spencer’s pregnancy and want to eventually find out who the baby’s father is. So far, the 15-year-old has kept him a secret and has only divulged brief details.

In tonight’s episode, Amelia disclosed it was “someone from church” while speaking to Charity Dingle about the pregnancy. On Tuesday, viewers heard that he was “a adolescent like me.” Amelia fainted while watching Thomas Tate, and it was then that she discovered she was pregnant.

The youngster has since had a difficult time adjusting to this occurrence that changed her life, and she momentarily pondered having an abortion.

She did, however, express her desire to keep the child to Noah Dingle.

Initially, a lot of fans thought Noah might be the father, but tonight, he said they were only friends, dispelling any remaining doubt.

Most people now believe Heath Hope is Amelia’s father, and they are getting antsy waiting for this final piece of the puzzle to be revealed.

Fans vented their complaints on Twitter. Talk about dragging it out, for f**sake, *’s L tweeted.

As Amy Whitehead said: “The mystery deepens! Who is the father?”

As Brandon noted: “Please don’t accept the idea that Noah is Amelia’s father. Declare the truth and name the person you slept with.”

“Ffs Amelia, just tell them,” Chris P remarked.

“Time to be honest, Amelia. Charity butt out for five minutes,” wrote Pilch1972.

Kind of glad it’s not Noah, he might get the book thrown at him if he’s older than she is, which seems like a terrific idea, said David Hendry.

How much longer are they going to make the “who’s the daddy” storyline last? wondered Charlotte.

Todd then made a joke about Amelia carrying Jesus.

Tina, who is obviously frustrated, has urged the producers to “wipe the majority out.” “Emmerdale,” she penned. I’ve come to the conclusion that I no longer like anyone in the community.

“We require another catastrophe to eliminate the majority! In particular, Kerry and Amy!”

It comes after Daisy Campbell hinted that her character’s imminent revelation would “shock” her audience. She said in a statement to Metro: “I believe that a significant portion of the audience may be shocked by what is to come.

“I can’t reveal too much, but I believe that this is Amelia’s opportunity to mature the most on the program. Since she has been a part of the show since she was little, everyone has always recognized her as this young person.

“I believe she’s going to change for the better now.”

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