ITV Emmerdale fans demand character’s exit as they want Rishi ‘protected at all costs’

Sandra Flaharty’s subsequent action in an effort to obtain money has left Emmerdale viewers in disbelief.

The ITV soap opera’s viewers quickly learned the real reason for the character, who is portrayed by Joanne Mitchell, returning to the Dales earlier this month.

Sandra, whose daughter Liv was last seen when her drinking became out of control last year, showed up this year appealing for her daughter’s assistance after witnessing Liv turn her life around, give up drinking, and wed Vinny Dingle, the love of her life.

While Liv did seem willing to assist, she and her new husband did send Sandra on her way; nonetheless, Liv and her friend Gabby Thomas soon discovered Sandra intoxicated in the cemetery.

Liv fell for Sandra’s act without a second thought and ended up inviting her to stay with her.

Her true motivations for returning, however, were later made clear when Terry, a recent visitor, appeared as he rushed into their home and demanded payment; in response, Liv offered to settle the matter with her own money.

Later, when Liv had paid Terry, Sandra expressed satisfaction at having him off her back and Terry admitted he was “happy to see the back of” her.

But in the end, it was proven that Sandra and Terry were working together since they divided the £4,000 between themselves.

Sandra added, “If this goes according to plan, I’ll rinse that girl for everything she’s got,” suggesting that her daughter’s con game wasn’t over yet.

Her need for money is also clear from the fact that she has been stealing from the tip jar at the salon where she was hired by Mandy Dingle in an effort to assist her daughter-in-law Liv.

However, things recently took a different turn when Sandra turned her attention to Rishi Sharma, who confessed he was feeling a little flush after making some money.

Fans of Emmerdale saw as Sandra stood Rishi up after posing as another woman on a dating service.

She had the opportunity to intervene at this point, giving Rishi the confidence boost he required after being let down. The two eventually returned to his home, though, and the following morning, Rishi was visibly ashamed of his behavior.

Sandra took advantage of his fear by pretending to be upset and offended by Rishi’s response to their illicit relationship.

He offers her piles of money, starting with £20 and eventually reaching triple figures, in an effort to placate her. Fans were outraged by Sanda’s most recent plot and demanded that she leave the village.

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