ITV Emmerdale fans convinced they spot ‘famous face’ in scene background

Numerous well-known guest stars have appeared on Emmerdale throughout the years, and viewers are confident they have identified another one.

Former football player Chris Kamara, singer Katherine Jenkins, and This Morning anchor Philip Schofield have all appeared in cameos in Emmerdale in the past. This week, viewers thought they saw an MP in a background picture of an episode.

Some others claimed to have seen Nadine Dorries in the village, according to our colleagues at the Liverpool Echo. She appeared to be sipping coffee while listening in on Charles and Manpreet’s talk.

Twitter was used by Emmerdale viewers to post their observations. Many maintained that the MP was visible in the photograph’s backdrop.

Us viewers, when, inside the first five seconds of the episode, Nadine Dorries wanders into the background of Manpreet’s shot! “Was that Nadine Dorries in the rear,” another person added.

“Don’t they think this program is painful enough without giving Nadine Dorries a bit part,” a third viewer questioned. “Nadine Dorries wandered into backdrop behind Manpreet,” was the final addition.

We suspect it was a doppelganger rather than the real Nadine Dorries, but we’ll look into it and let you know if we find out otherwise.

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