ITV Emmerdale fans confused by character’s change and say there’s ‘no way’ in Cain Dingle prediction

Fans of Emmerdale have expressed their astonishment with Will Taylor’s abrupt turnaround and made a prediction regarding Cain Dingle. Recent episodes of the ITV soap opera featured newcomer Caleb Milligan, Cain’s half-brother, rubbing Will the wrong way.

Will was seen complaining to Amy Wyatt in The Hide about Caleb during Wednesday night’s trip to the Dales after Amy shared her own complaints about Cain, who had confronted her over seeing their son, Kyle, despite it being against their bail conditions, as the 10-year-old waits to find out if he’ll be sentenced for Al Chapman’s death. Kyle is currently being held without bail.

Will said Cain and Caleb, who seem to be supporting one other despite Cain’s initial doubts, “really get on my pip” after hearing Amy’s problems. Amy asked if Kyle could play at the park with Lucas in an effort to cheer him up. Will moved forward to help watch Kyle though after she received a message from the attorney telling her to go see them right away.

Will put his foot down and tried to block them from seeing one other, but when Cain showed up close to the playground and Kyle noticed him, there was a heated exchange of words between Cain and Will. The latter informed Cain that because he adhered to Amy’s regulations, he “wasn’t allowed” to join them at the cafe.

Cain responded, “Says who? I had no idea you had legal knowledge. Taking him for an orange juice is scarcely risky for me. Will, however, retaliated angrily, saying, “You’re exactly like your brother aren’t you, you think the rules don’t apply to you. Well, I’m going to make sure that you follow them! Back off, then.

“Are you going to threaten me?” As the argument between them heated up, Cain questioned. After returning to the park, Amy instructed Cain to avoid Kyle even though she had previously broken the regulations. Then, near the end of the episode, a furious Cain and his brother Caleb left for the Woolpack before spotting Will in the distance.

Caleb persuaded Cain to make atonement, but things didn’t work out as expected. Cain stated, “Sorry for any misunderstanding,” to which Will responded, “Misunderstanding? You alone are to responsible for attempting to intimidate me out of the way.

You’re a headcase, so it seems sense that Amy wouldn’t want you anywhere near her son. Caleb then stepped up to assist as Will said: “Well, the other Chuckle Brother is here. Am I supposed to be afraid or what?”

Then Caleb ordered him to settle down, but Will responded: “You two need to understand that you cannot manipulate me. I’m ready whenever you feel like giving it a shot.” Will was about to be attacked by Cain, when Caleb stopped him and told him to back off.

When the two brothers reached their seats again, Cain turned to face Caleb and snarled menacingly, “Don’t worry, he’s going to receive what’s due to him.

But, Emmerdale watchers are unsure of what caused Will to alter as a character. “Why is Will just roaming around threatening people?” asked @pippilongstockingsrevenge. It’s so arbitrary. Will believes that he is now a big guy because he married Kim, said @geraldine.mulcahy.

Fans have also asserted that Cain will not support Caleb when it was revealed that he is keeping something from them. There is no chance Caleb will defeat Cain, according to @deedurkin33. Cain is merely passing the time.

The remark from @iamladybetsy was, “Cain has already figured him out.” Cain is beating him at his own game, but Cain isn’t gullible, according to @irenesollinger51. @mairi60 also said: “Cain is aware of his plans. I’m just anticipating Caleb to slip up.”

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