ITV Emmerdale fans concerned as pals ‘turn a blind eye’ to Leyla’s drug addiction

Fans of Emmerdale are confused as to why no one has seen Leyla Cavanagh’s behavior shift as a result of her drug addiction.

Leyla has been dabbling in cocaine for a while, and it now seems to be taking over her life.

The business owner, who typically has a calm demeanor, fired Priya Sharma, a colleague, on the spot during the most recent episode, acting rudely and somewhat aggressively toward her.

Fans have questioned why her friends and relatives haven’t noticed her change in persona while she continues to sow chaos in the Dales.

Viewers immediately took to Twitter to express their opinions.

Nobody in that small, nosy community can witness how Leyla transforms from nasty to hyper faster than she can change her underwear, according to one commenter.

Another user on social media wrote: “Leyla is starting to irritate me. Anyone in the hamlet notice the dramatic transformation in her demeanor, or what?”

Another source revealed: “Leyla’s drug use has gone unnoticed by DOCTOR Liam. worthless git”

While others were obviously tired of Leyla’s constant pranks.

Someone tweeted: “Leyla is taking the proper steps to become the village’s most despised individual. I wish Priya would pursue her “unfair dismissal” further. Remove the smirk from her face.”

Another person revealed: “Quick. Play Leyla by The Verve and alter “The Drugs Don’t Work” to “Her Brain Don’t Work”; it’s getting out of hand, I fear.”

Leyla’s addiction is largely unknown in the community, but her close friend David Metcalfe recently discovered her snorting cocaine.

Leyla reluctantly consented to get assistance, going to a support group as long as her husband Liam remained in the dark about her problem.

However, when David dropped her off for a second session, she later lied and went somewhere else.

She also appeared to keep her promise to her drug dealer Callum that she would cease using drugs.

Although Leyla was getting ready to take another dose of cocaine at the close of Monday’s (Aug. 1) episode.

Will Leyla, whose life is spinning out of control, get the help she needs?

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