ITV Emmerdale fans claims soap is ‘obsessed’ after being left with questions over Amelia’s pregnancy 

Since Amelia Spencer was cruelly rejected by Noah Dingle and developed an obsession with other women’s bodies on social media, taking drastic measures to achieve the “slim thick” body she saw in a magazine, Emmerdale viewers have been worried about her for months.

Samson Dingle, who had been attempting to make Amelia feel better about herself while she persisted in obsessing over gym selfies posted online, was also devastated when he admitted his true feelings for her.

Fans of the ITV soap opera, however, claimed that the teen made a “huge mistake” because Samson informed Amelia during their conversation that people she sees online only obtain their gym-ready bodies by taking specific supplements.

After his unintentional remark, Amelia immediately grabbed her phone to place an order for some for herself, and she has been downing weight-gain syrup ever since.

Amelia has recently been spotted going to see Noah in jail, and after her most recent visit, the teenager was seen having to hold onto the gate as her vision became foggy.

Amelia, who had been watching Thomas’ son during Thursday night’s hour-long episode of Emmerdale, suddenly passed out and dropped Gabby Thomas’ boy.

After being transferred to the hospital for examination, a doctor sought to talk with Amelia Spencer’s father, Dan Spencer, who had left the room after having to deal with his daughter falling.

Amelia demanded, “Just tell me now, please! Is it bad news, have I made myself ill? Why do you need him?” But when the 15-year-old was informed that she is pregnant, she was in disbelief.

And followers flocked to social media in droves to leave comments. “PREGNANT???? I didn’t see that one coming!!!! Another wonderful episode #emmerdale,” tweeted @AnneOSullivanUK.

@RileyCo10852974 wrote: “#emmerdale Okay. Of all the things I was expecting it was not AMELIA GETTING F*G PREGNANT.” @mishybabez_ concurred: “What a twist! I was shouting ‘WHAT?’ Who’s the daddy?? #Emmerdale.” @mitchell hurd added: “I didn’t expect that – Amelia pregnant!!! @Emmerdale #Emmerdale.”

But as they hadn’t recently seen Amelia with anyone, they soon had a big question. RT @JacksMum3006: “Oh my God, how on earth is Amelia carrying a child? #Emmerdale

“Amelia is expecting,” tweeted @mikepriestley13. Who is the father? Is it Noah, given his lengthy prison sentence, or someone else? #Emmerdale.”

Posted by @1stLadyHooligan “Amelia is expecting? wtf? Who’s the father? I really hope not Noah’s. I didn’t anticipate that at all! #Emmerdale.” Comment from @cheesybiscuit_: “Who is the baby’s father, Amelia? What a loss #Emmerdale has been.” Reaction from @sofaneilas: “Who is the father, then? Noah? Jacob? …Samson? Where has Nate been lately, ffs? #Emmerdale.”

Additionally, Emmerdale viewers quickly asserted that the soap was “obsessed” with teen pregnancies.

“#Emmerdale seem to be obsessed with Teenage Pregnancy at the moment,” tweeted @RyanGSoapKing11. Who is the father? First Gabby, then Amelia. Another unplanned and teen pregnancy in #emmerdale, according to @aaron dingles. “Why does every storyline concerning young kids have to be pregnant when they could have emphasized a different subject for once,” raged @Chlo barnes12 on Twitter.

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