ITV Emmerdale fans change minds on soap favourite as they question Amelia’s baby bump

After one character’s most recent involvement in the romance between Amelia Spencer and Noah Dingle, Emmerdale viewers seem to have changed their minds significantly about him.

In scenes that were broadcast in the ITV soap earlier this week, the teenagers formally become boyfriend and girlfriend.

Amelia was the only person to see Noah in prison after he was handed a custodial term for stalking his ex Chloe, and despite his viciously rejecting her earlier this year, he had a change of heart.

After learning of her pregnancy, Noah later returned the favor by becoming the 15-year-confidant. old’s

And when word of her covert pregnancy leaked, Amelia’s father Dan immediately assumed Noah was the father.

However, it was actually another Dingle, specifically Samson. However, as the school dropout is desperately trying to dodge his new parental obligations, things haven’t exactly gone according to plan.

Amelia revealed her intentions to leave the village earlier this week, which was seen by spectators. Noah informed her that she couldn’t visit her brother Sean in London, but she proposed that he accompany her and that she would let Sean know they were together.

The two then shared a lovely moment as they became boyfriend and girlfriend in spite of Amelia’s family’s objections when Amelia became furious and said Noah “hadn’t asked” her to be a couple.

However, Amelia’s 16th birthday celebrations were wrecked when Noah made the decision to end their relationship on Wednesday night’s trip to the Dales.

The teen eagerly dressed up to meet her new lover and left her father, Kerry Wyatt, and Harriet Finch, who were there to help her celebrate turning 18.

But when Noah revealed to Amelia that they couldn’t be together because she was carrying someone else’s child, everything came to a heartbreaking conclusion.

Unbeknownst to Amelia, her father Dan warned Noah to stay away from his daughter during their conversation.

Despite thanking him for preventing her from fleeing, he issued a warning: “If you have any feelings for her, you’ll back off,” telling Noah to find a reason to break up with Amelia. Otherwise, you’ll have to deal with me.

Amelia was unaware of the situation, but Harriet had picked up on it and realized Dan must have spoken with Noah about the abrupt change of heart. Dan attempted to claim he had nothing to do with anything, but Harriet forewarned him that the truth would eventually come to light and he might lose his daughter.

Additionally, Dan’s deceit has caused viewers of Emmerdale to have second thoughts about the formerly popular soap opera.

“Not liking Dan much at the moment why does everyone have to end up being horrible to someone else all the time,” Dot Turner posted on Facebook. As Carole Barns said: “Dan is out of sequence. His actions bring happiness to his daughter, who is terrified and expecting.”

“Dan is so incredibly wrong, let poor Amelia chose. At least Noah cares for the girl more than Samson does,” Dee Bryce said. Dan is irritating me, said Joyce Overton.

Amelia’s disappearing pregnancy bump also caught the attention of Emmerdale viewers, who thought it had “disappeared” between episodes. Tweeted @TVMusings22 was: “Amelia experiences a bump for a moment before going without.

Inquiry from @GeorgiaBowring “#Emmerdale The lump on Amelia has vanished.” The response from @PureArtMV was, “Not sure where her bump has gone, but her hand seems to be glued to her stomach,”

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