ITV Emmerdale confirm major stunt element never seen on soap for 50th anniversary

A significant stunt component that has never been seen on the soap opera ITV Emmerdale has been announced. A severe storm is expected to batter The Dales on its 50th anniversary.

A massive fire in a maze, a car accident, and a pub explosion have all happened in the past year on Emmerdale. The employers believe they have discovered something novel, nevertheless.

Even though there have been previous storms in the soap opera, producer Kate Brooks has assured that some aspects of the stunt will be original. “In terms of filming, it’s fairly unusual in terms of scope,” she told Metro.

It’s exciting and nerve-wracking to be a part of the big storm week because there are aspects of it that I haven’t seen on a soap serial before.

“Hopefully, when you get to watch the episodes, it’ll all be great and completely fantastic.”

Another joke was made by Kate’s coworker Jane Hudson, who claimed that the catastrophe could only happen in the Emmerdale context. The tumultuous week starts with the wedding of Kim Tate and Will Taylor appearing doomed because of Harriet Finch’s affection for Will.

A-listers from Emmerdale Diane Sugden, Aaron Dingle, and Tracy Shankley will also briefly return to the community.

Tracy moved to Nottingham, Diane moved to Portugal, and Aaron stayed abroad with his best friend Adam. The three of them parted ways last year.

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