ITV Emmerdale bosses accused of ‘ruining’ character as ‘shocking’ twist teased

Since actress Daisy Spencer has hinted at a “shocking” twist in upcoming episodes of Emmerdale, viewers have accused the soap’s creators of “ruining” one of the show’s characters.

There has been quite a stir since it was discovered that Amelia Spencer, 15, is pregnant.

After passing out while watching Thomas, the teen discovered she was pregnant.

Prior to now, she had assumed that taking a weight-loss syrup she had ordered online was the cause of her blurred vision and dizziness episodes.

Though many are now curious about the baby’s father, a trip to the hospital revealed the true cause of her health issues.

Following additional drama, viewers are currently feeling a lot of sympathy for the girl.

Kate Tate and Gabby forced her and her father Dan out of their house, and Amelia, in need of a visit from Noah behind bars, was later found stealing Gabby’s visiting order.

Fans are “vexed” with the show’s writers despite the praise actress Daisy Campbell has received for her portrayal of the teenage girl.

Many people worry that Amelia’s character is deteriorating and that she is receiving too many screen time opportunities.

On Twitter, Chris P stated: “Those in charge of Emmerdale are required to destroy each and every character. They appear to be out to ruin everything.”

Luna stated: “Amelia has unquestionably become as entitled as Noah. She may be harboring his evil spawn, which is influencing her negatively.”

@Ockeghem1497 said: “Emmerdale couldn’t even just leave Amelia as a normal, nice teenage girl – they had to turn her into a criminal as well!”

Lisa said: “Is there an internet-available syrup that will restore Amelia to the kind, young woman she once was? They have damaged her character. I’m quite vexed.”

Sal penned: “Amelia’s constant presence in nearly every scene is going to irritate me in about a week. Count on two days.”

It comes after Daisy Campbell hinted that her character’s imminent revelation would “shock” her audience. Amelia would now need to determine whether she would proceed with an abortion, the 18-year-old stated.

She said, “I think the stuff that’s coming up will maybe shock a lot of the audience,” in an interview with Metro. I can’t reveal too much, but I believe that this is Amelia’s opportunity to mature the most on the show.

“Obviously she’s been in the show since she was younger so everyone’s always seen her as this kid. I think now she’s really going to change.”

A resident will also learn Amelia’s secret and her due date during this week’s episodes. According to spoilers, Amelia will run into Charity Dingle after her clinic appointment and the anxious teen will choose to confide in her.

The news lead to Charity believing her son Noah is the dad. Viewers have come to the same conclusion recently but some are not convinced and think it might be his cousin Samson Dingle.

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