ITV Emmerdale bombshell as Rhona Goskirk’s ex-husband arrives in the village with a shocking news

With the aid of his recent bride Rhona Goskirk, Marlon Dingle is making a full recovery from his stroke.

But when her ex-husband shows up at Emmerdale, she experiences the shock of a lifetime.

Mark Charnock’s beloved chef has been making a gradual recovery from his stroke, which happened last year.

He was able to make improvement in the months that followed the incident, though.

He races to go to his lunch appointment with Rhona (Zoe Henry) the next week on ITV, but they are cut short by her ex-unexpected husband’s appearance.

The following day, she intends to have a proper catch-up with Gus (Alan McKenna), but she soon regrets it.

When Gus confides in an uneasy Rhona that he would like to use one of their frozen embryos that were kept in a deep freezer at an IVF facility, she is left speechless and perplexed.

This is because Rhona thought that after their marriage, they had all been destroyed.

His demand astounds and horrifies Rhona, but things only become worse when she learns what he’s been up to behind her back.

Gus has been communicating with the clinic on her behalf without her knowledge, she finds out.

How will Rhona manage a choice that is impossible?

Even more crucially, what will she choose to do?

As was already noted, Rhona has been attempting to support Marlon throughout his recuperation, but it hasn’t always been easy.

Marlon got married while still having health issues, and his best friend Paddy Kirk (Dominic Brunt) pushed him in a wheelchair down the aisle.

Marlon has also been a major source of worry for April Windsor, his teenage daughter, who discovered him on the floor after his stroke.

April called the ambulance on her own to save her father’s life, but the incident left her with significant stress.

Pierce Harris, a Dales serial killer and rapist who passed away in prison, was also married to Rhona.

This wouldn’t be Rhona’s first brush with the past; only last year, she had her first encounter with Marcus Dean, Pierce’s son.

What will happen when she sees Gus again?

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