ITV Emmerdale Amelia Spencer star’s real age has Ranvir Singh taken aback

Ranvir Singh was astounded by Daisy Campbell when she revealed her true age.

The soap opera actress is well-known for playing Amelia Spencer in Emmerdale. After learning she was pregnant, the heroine is currently going through a difficult period in the fictional Yorkshire village.

In scenes that were broadcast last week, Amelia experienced episodes of dizziness and passed out. Amelia was shocked to learn that she was also expecting a child when the doctors informed her that the fall was caused by adverse effects from using diet medications.

Amelia, who is currently thinking about getting an abortion, spoke with Ranvir on today’s episode of Lorraine about how she and on-screen father Liam Fox first came up with the heartbreaking plot.

We basically proposed this tale idea to the producers, she added, adding: “We had this idea for a story in our heads.”

Daisy expressed her pride in the storyline’s ability to bring her into contact with ITV’s Britain Get Talking initiative for mental health. She uttered: “With this plot, [Amelia] is showing a really vulnerable side of herself, and worry is growing inside of her.

She’s only 15 and has no one to talk to, so it really fits in with the ad, in my opinion. Added her: “I aimed to honor young teen mothers in this plot.

“They are so incredible, and I have received a ton of messages from them. For them, I’m undertaking this.”

Daisy’s admission that she is older than her on-screen persona impressed Ranvir. The soap actor stated: “I’m 18 but on Thursday I’ll be 19. On my birthday, I’m filming, but I’m also going to eat out and then go out with some pals for drinks.”

Daisy said, “You’ve got a smart head on young shoulders,” as Ranvir applauded her maturity.

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