ITV Corrie spoilers with wedding drama and car crash terror for Kelly and Aadi

Kelly and Aadi from Coronation Street will experience horrific drama the following week after hatching a scheme to make it seem like they are getting married. Kelly pretends that they are engaged as Ellie from the Gazette arrives at the bistro carrying some flyers promoting a competition to win a dream wedding.

Aadi is reassured by Kelly that they won’t actually get married; instead, they’ll just enjoy the holiday. Kelly also explains to Aadi that they must participate in a Mr. and Mrs. quiz as part of the application process.

Both Kelly and Aadi acknowledge that they have never had a sexual connection as they interrogate one another.

Aadi leans in for a kiss as their fledgling romance picks up speed. After enjoying their first sexual encounter, Aadi gives Kelly his mother’s engagement ring, and Kelly immediately falls in love.

The couple participates in the Mr. and Mrs. Quiz after they meet Ellie in a hotel bar. They don’t get the questions right, but Ellie believes the audience will adore them when Aadi discloses that they belong together.

Aadi declares that he passed his driving test when he is back on the street. Dev, Aadi’s proud father, is pleased and hands him the car keys while Asha confronts Aadi about Kelly’s engagement ring.

Aadi tells Asha that he and Kelly aren’t actually engaged and are just faking so they can win a vacation, which causes Kelly sadness. Kelly throws the ring at Aadi before hopping in his brand-new car and driving off.

Aadi rides Asha’s old princess bike down the ginnel after borrowing it. And to his horror, he discovers that his car has struck a bollard, leaving stunned onlookers to wonder if Kelly was hurt.

After it was revealed that Stu was sentenced to 27 years in prison for the murder of a young woman with whom he had an affair, the fight to clear his name has begun elsewhere. Stu’s interview tapes are discovered by Zeedan and Alya while they browse through the case files.

Adam draws attention to the fact that his questioning lasted more than ten hours, which is against the law, and that a recording is missing. Alya visits Stu in jail, but Yasmeen shows up and interrupts them.

Stu gives Yasmeen the entire account of his liaison with Charlie now that Alya has left. Zeedan and Alya are informed by Yasmeen about Stu’s request that they speak with his attorney.

Alya puts pressure on Yasmeen to let Stu move back in because it is obvious he is innocent and has nowhere else to go when Norman, Stu’s attorney, reveals that Stu was forced into giving a confession.

Stephen injects poison into his niece Sarah’s ear on the cobblestones as well. He informs Sarah that she is obviously the factory’s business brain and that she should consider purchasing Carla out of her share as Carla becomes irritated at the factory while trying to secure a fabric order.

Stephen confirms in the factory that he was successful in finding the required fabric at a very competitive price.

Over a drink, Sarah tells Stephen about her business plans and asks him to help her convince Carla that she is an expert in her field.

Later, Sarah coerces Carla into hiring Stephen as a consultant. Carla expresses her worries about Stephen to Peter and Ken in the Rovers.

Since Ken believes Stephen’s motivations are honorable, Carla decides to hire him for some consulting work. Stephen advises Sarah to take out a loan and grow the company on her own at number eight.

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