ITV Corrie spoilers with race to save James Bailey’s life following horror collapse

When James Bailey fills in for Tim Metcalfe at the Rovers Return vs. Flying Horse football game the next week, there will be terror on Coronation Street.

James, a player for Weatherfield County, is entrusted with assisting out at the charity match and testing the Rovers team. Tim believes Dev Alahan is making fun of his impotence when he provides a pre-game pep talk, though.

He storms out after accusing Peter of breaking his trust. James decides to intervene since he has no other option. Tim begins to confide in Aggie Bailey as the match begins.

The Flying Horse take the lead, but with just a few minutes left, James gives it his all and puts the Rovers ahead.

His father Ed dashes across the field frantically dialing 911 while Michael, the oldest son, does CPR as the man collapses abruptly.

James is informed in the hospital that he has a condition known as cardiomyopathy and will be given a device to stop further cardiac arrests. Aggie sobs as James is taken out to the theater.

An violent demonstration also starts up on the well-known street. Carla Connor informs shady businessman Nadeem Atallah that their transaction is off in a sorry manner.

When the police show up, Spider’s friend Griff organizes the crowd as PC Craig Tinker implores the protesters to disperse. Spider watches in horror as Griff pulls out a bottle and hurls it, striking Craig in the head as Carla and Nadeem come out.

Toyah, who is scared, is sucked into the melée as Griff is being taken into custody. When Toyah’s late husband Imran Habeeb’s mother Saira confronts her in the street and accuses her of killing her husband so that she could be with her ex-Spider, the drama just gets worse for her.

Griff intervenes as Saira won’t let it go despite Toyah’s assurances that it’s untrue. Griff advises that they give Saira’s gas-guzzler a lesson by letting the tires fall off.

Spider advises Toyah not to get involved because her trial is imminent, especially after Griff displays a petrol canister and offers that they torch Saira’s car instead.

Spider urges Toyah to end her relationship with Griff by confessing his love for her and the breakdown of his marriage.

On the balcony, the couple shares a kiss and pledges to keep their romance secret until the conclusion of the trial. They are not aware, however, that an enraged Saira is peering up at them.

Meanwhile, Stephen Reid’s sinister secret is exposed when his wife Gabrielle comes to the door and demands the £200,000 euros he took from her business back or else she’ll call the police.

Later, Stephen unlocks door number 8 and practices Audrey’s signature while pulling out the trust money paperwork. His mother emerges out of nowhere, and it seems like she has caught him in the act.

Kelly offers they watch videos on her laptop as Jake Windass and Liam Connor are arguing over the Xbox in another area. She immediately changes the subject, however, when it is revealed that she has been studying Gretna Green in order to prepare for her marriage to Aadi.

Maria is certain that they need to put an end to Kelly’s wild plot after learning about Gretna Green. Gary cautions her, though, that if they attempt to prevent Kelly from wedring Aadi, they risk permanently alienating her.

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