ITV Corrie spoilers with Maria in creepy stalker hell and Kelly is in danger

Maria on Coronation Street hasn’t had an easy time adjusting to life in the spotlight as a politician.

Councillor Maria, played by Samia Longchambon, has allegedly been stalked as a result of her reforms to the way that Weatherfield collects trash.

A deep-fake video that was created to embarrass Maria featured her face superimposed to the body of an unidentified naked lady.

On Coronation Street next week Kelly volunteers to go with Maria to her lunch meeting because Maria is reluctant to go alone.

When resistance leader Jimmy meets Maria and cautions her to avoid getting involved in situations she doesn’t fully comprehend, Maria is alarmed.

However, things take a turn for the worst when a strange man approaches her and expresses his appreciation for her web video.

She receives a notification while running out warning her that her phone is being followed.

A terrified Maria tells Gary that she believes she is being followed when he phones.

When Maria hears footsteps while desperately searching through her luggage for the tracking device, she panics and grabs a can of hairspray before turning around.

When Maria discovers the tracking device in her suitcase, she dials 911. Later, when Gary, Kelly, and Liam eat pizza, Maria draws the blinds because she thinks someone is keeping an eye on them. Kelly appears to be in danger as well.

When a bundle of cash slips out of Kelly’s bag, Aadi Alahan is shocked. Kelly then reveals that the money belongs to her late father and that she is attempting to repay it to the individuals he defrauded over the years as a loan shark.

Aadi offers to accompany Kelly when she later announces that she has located another of her dad’s clients and is heading there to collect payment.

Kelly appreciates Aadi for agreeing to take her on a date at Speed Daal. Gary Windass, Kelly’s guardian, is outraged to learn what Kelly is up to in the meanwhile, but Kelly tells her he is not her father and she won’t listen.

Kelly goes out, knocks on a door, introduces herself as the daughter of Rick Neelan, delivers Ross a money envelope, and says she’s attempting to make up for her father’s misdeeds.

Aadi waits at Speed Daal and realizes he has been duped when Ross phones a friend and tells him about Kelly’s visit.

Ed Bailey experiences terror when he fixes a radiator at Debbie’s hotel.

He experiences an unexpected electrocution and is sent flying backwards before landing unconscious. Ronnie tells Paul to call an ambulance out of panic.

Astonished, Debbie realizes that she has no idea when the property was last inspected and that the former owner, Ray Crosby, was known for cutting corners.

Aggie berates Debbie for putting Ed’s life in jeopardy and informs her that their attorney would be contacting her.

Elsewhere Sean tells Eileen how happy he is that his son Dylan would be staying with him and how he hopes he and his new partner Frank will get along.

Dylan, however, enters the cafe and believes George to be Sean’s lover.

Tim and Sally are enjoying themselves in the hot tub as things are improving for them. Tim is advised by Sally to listen to Sting’s discussion about tantric sex since it might hold the key to a fulfilling romantic life.

Tim makes Sally a special dinner and tells her he’s feeling much better. He predicts that things in the couple’s bedroom will soon return to normal.

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