ITV Corrie spoilers with abortion dilemma, Eileen in personality change after horror accident and spectre of John Stape haunts Fiz

On the upcoming Coronation Street, pregnant teenager Summer Spellman informs her boyfriend Aaron Sandford that she has scheduled an abortion consultation with Dr. Gaddas. After visiting the doctor, Summer confesses to Aaron that she can’t help but feel upset.

Esther Hargrave, a parishioner of Billy Mayhew, is devastated to learn about the proposed termination and makes her a financial offer in an effort to persuade her otherwise. Billy, Summer’s guardian, is outraged when he learns that Esther tried to buy her child and tells her to leave.

Summer gets offended when Billy implies that he is against abortion, so she goes to her room. Billy is told by Todd to help Summer by talking to him about how she feels.

When Glenda Shuttleworth calls at number 11 with a giant pumpkin to carve and display at the Rovers, there is Halloween drama on the cobbles. Eileen picks up Glenda’s pumpkin and leaves with it because she finds it offensive that she is using her home as a studio.

She bumps into Gail as she walks down the street, trips over the pumpkin, and passes out. Sean Tully and George Shuttleworth rush to Eileen’s help but are taken aback when she emerges looking unusually calm and friendly.

At home, a beaming Eileen promises George that she will spoil him rotten, and George confesses to Sean that Eileen’s outgoing nature is starting to frighten him.

Eileen tells George that ever since she saw a glimpse of heaven when she first opened her eyes following her accident, she has been serene and at peace.

She confides in George and Sean about her “heavenly” experience, describing how she experienced a bright light, a lovely scent, and weird music.

Todd informs George that there is obviously something wrong with Eileen as she stumbles in carrying the groceries and reveals her intention to host a cook-up for the soup kitchen. George is compelled to be honest when Mary suggests that she write about Eileen’s experience for The Inexplicable.

A frazzled Fiz calls Tyrone in the bar to inform him that a journalist has called and wants to run an article about John Stape. Fiz hangs up the phone with the journalist and informs Tyrone that a book about John Stape will be serialized in the newspaper. Tyrone believes Phill is responsible.

On the anniversary of the passing of his late wife Sinead, Daniel Osbourne is also tormented in other places. It’s been an emotional day, but Daniel would really like it if the three of them could live together, so he takes his son Bertie to Victoria Gardens before dropping him off with auntie Beth Sutherland and going to the Rovers.

Daisy replies that she would also like that. Daisy confides in stepmum Jenny Connor how Bertie called her “mummy” and she’s not sure she’s ready for such a commitment while Beth calls at the flat with Bertie and recalls their day together, Daniel is astonished while Beth is horrified. Jenny cautions her not to leave because she will regret it.

Stephen Reid, the most recent murderer on Corrie, is concerned as Teddy, the father of his victim Leo Thompkin, and Jenny plan to meet at the Bistro to talk about finding Leo. He snaps a picture of the two of them together on the street and sends it to Teddy from Leo’s phone with the statement that a friend spotted them and thought he may be interested.

To Stephen’s surprise, Teddy informs him that he will travel to Canada to meet with Leo face-to-face. Next, Stephen’s ex-wife Gabrielle confronts him and demands money; despite his best efforts to deflect her, Gabrielle makes it plain that she is out of time.

Stephen meets up with Gabrielle and tells her he’s expecting the mortgage broker to call on Audrey’s phone, and he needs her to pose as Audrey so that she can get her money. Later, he can’t believe his luck when his mother Audrey hands him her phone and asks him to turn off notifications as it is driving her crazy.

He informs sister Gail that he has decided it could be time for him to move on now that Audrey is feeling better because he is confident he will receive the equity release money. However, Audrey’s statement stuns him.

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