ITV Corrie spoilers as Kevin is involved in a car smash-up

The Webster family hasn’t had the best of times, and the next week, mechanic Kevin snaps under pressure.

After the passing of the infant’s father Imran, his wife Abi has been evaluated in a center for fostering babies along with her son Alfie.

On Coronation Street the following week, Chloe the social worker asks Kevin about Abi and Alfie. Jack, his son, is grumpy as Kevin tries to make a good impression.

Kevin is put to the test though when Stephen Reid picks up his car after Aaron Sandford, a new mechanic, has worked on it and yells the odds as it breaks down.

Jack and Abi contact Stephen’s mobile phone as Kevin begins working on his car, and Stephen threatens to move his business elsewhere.

When Kevin loses his cool, he grabs a wrench and starts wrecking Stephen’s automobile.

Abi, who is overjoyed to be returning home tomorrow, calls number 13 and flings her arms around Kevin while her husband attempts to hide his worry.

Kevin is startled to see two police policemen at the door as he gets ready for Abi’s homecoming. Can he conceal what transpired from Abi, though?

When Stu learns that Yasmeen has located his daughter Bridget’s address, he becomes enraged and scolds her for interfering.

But he decides to give it a shot after Kelly encourages him to try and get in touch with her.

When Stu gets to Bridget’s house and knocks on the door, she becomes alarmed and tells him to leave. Assuring her that he has never hurt anyone, Stu begs her to give him a chance.

Later, Stu apologizes to Yasmeen for his outburst and claims that he gave her the wrong address, but what is he really trying to hide?

Stephen flirts with Yasmeen in the meantime, but she makes it obvious to Stu that she is interested in him and not Stephen.

a worried After declaring that she will no longer be attending college, Summer begins working at the factory.

She doesn’t have a good start, either, as Beth makes crude remarks and her boyfriend Aaron reveals that he was pounced on while walking home and displays his bruises.

As Becky, the hospital’s psychiatry liaison officer, visits Audrey and gently questions her about why she took so many sleeping medications, there are health concerns for Audrey.

Audrey is happy to receive a call from her son Stephen notifying her that he has returned as she leaves the hospital. When Ed reveals that he met Audrey at the hospital in The Rovers, Sarah, the granddaughter, becomes worried.

Meanwhile, a broken-hearted Phill gives Fiz the completed annulment form. When the family arrives home from a celebratory dinner, Hope opens her tablet to discover a series of messages from a player by the name of Mad Dog.

Hope and her friend Sam converse on their walkie-talkies about Mad Dog, and Sam thinks he likes her.

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