ITV Corrie spoilers as James leaves the street and Tim and Aggie grow closer

As James Bailey departs the renowned cobblestones, there are poignant scenes on Coronation Street the following week. James seeks a new profession and a new life in London after his football career at Weatherfield County came to an end after he was diagnosed with a heart problem.

James is informed by Ronnie that a youth center near Lewisham is seeking a football coach. James makes a commitment to phone them right away after realizing that it is close to the residence of partner Danny. James informs Ronnie with excitement that he will begin working at the youth center on Monday.

James tells the family he has a fantastic new job, but it requires relocation to the capital, when they are in the restaurant. An emotional farewell is said by Aggie, Michael, and Dee-Dee.

Elsewhere Aggie and Tim get along better. When Tim remembers his wedding anniversary, Aggie offers to go shopping with him to make sure he doesn’t get Sally an entirely unoriginal present. This brings them together.

Aggie claims she had lunch with a girlfriend when Ed asks where she’s gone. Then, in an effort to frustrate Sally, Tim claims to have forgotten his wedding anniversary. However, his strategy fails as Sally rips up his card and storms out in a huff.

Tim finds Sally and apologizes for his joke before giving her a lovely jewelry on their wedding anniversary. In appreciation for his thoughtful present, Sally transforms their home into a grotto of romance and prepares a special anniversary dinner for Tim.

Tim then presents Aggie with a necklace as a token of his appreciation for saving his life. But when her daughter Dee-Dee praises it, Aggie can’t help but feel bad.

Also on Corrie, a worried Stu gets ready to see Eliza, his granddaughter, at Speed Daal and is happy when things go smoothly. But when his wife Lucy shows up and demands that daughter Bridget and granddaughter Eliza leave the restaurant right now, the atmosphere changes.

Watching them leave, Stu is inconsolable. Dee-Dee informs Alya at number 3 that there was no sign of Stu’s DNA on Charlie’s bag, but that re-testing the evidence would be costly.

Alya chases after the women as they leave the restaurant and accuses a frazzled Lucy of withholding crucial information regarding Stu’s case.

Alya is determined to come up with the money for the DNA test because she thinks Lucy may know more than she is letting on. In the hopes of reuniting with his daughter and granddaughter, Stu informs Yasmeen and Alya that he no longer wants to pursue his case and simply wants to leave the past in the past.

Alya maintains Stu’s wishes a secret and informs Dee-Dee that everything must go via her when Dee-Dee informs her that she has the funds for the test.

Alya sees a chance and asks Lucy and Bridget to stay for tea when they arrive to pick up Eliza.

She confronts Dee-Dee and demands they conduct a DNA test on a cup Lucy previously drank from so they can determine if she is the real killer of Charlie. Dee-Dee is incensed to learn of Alya’s deceit, but after hearing her justification, she decides to send the cup out so that they can have the results for Stu in case he changes his mind.

Glenda, a new employee at The Rovers, makes funny appearances in scenes as she arrives for work fully dressed and prepared to lead a pub quiz.

But when Daisy informs Jenny that she is feeling better and will host the event, Jenny becomes enraged.

Daisy insists on taking Jenny to A&E when she trips and twists her ankle on Glenda’s freshly scrubbed floor. A triumphant Glenda grabs the microphone as Jenny stumbles out. When Jenny returns from the emergency room with instructions to rest her injured ankle, she is alarmed to see how well-received Glenda’s quiz night was by the neighborhood and confides in Daisy that she thinks Glenda was behind her mishap.

When Summer’s boyfriend Aaron admits he has taken his dad’s cash away to prevent him from buying alcohol and has found a bag of cannabis, she becomes caught in a narcotics scandal.

Aaron and Summer are found in the apartment by Billy and Todd, laughing and stuffing their mouths with just-baked cannabis brownies.

Billy is horrified and tells them to go hide in the bedroom since the bishop will be there any second. The bishop is about to try one of the brownies when Todd sees him and yells at him to stop.

Later, Aaron’s controlling father confronts him over the missing money and marijuana when he shows up at the garage looking inebriated and agitated. Father figure Paul phones the apartment above the flower business and scolds Aaron for misguiding his adopted daughter.

Aaron screams in anguish as Paul grabs his battered arm, and as shocked onlookers look on, he lashes out and punches Paul in the face.

Billy is informed by Paul that he will be reported to the police. Billy feels empathetic when Aaron reveals to him that his father often hits him, and he immediately leaves to prevent Paul from reporting Aaron.

Max also experiences trauma as a result of being the target of bullies. Max is approached by Blake and Chris in the Freshco parking lot, who steal his lunch, smash his phone, and drench him in water. Max fights back tears as the boys record his humiliation. Max shows up disheveled and angry that David failed to rescue him and left him at the whim of his bullies.

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