ITV Corrie spoilers as Audrey makes shocking confession and Aaron’s heartbreaking secret is revealed

The Platts have been concerned about Audrey Roberts for a very long time ever since she struck rock bottom while abusing alcohol. The beloved Weatherfield figure makes a somber confession in the upcoming episode of the soap opera.

Her friends Rita, Ken, and Claudia join the retired hairdresser for belated birthday merriment. But she seizes the chance to deliver a shocking revelation.

A server arrives at the table singing Happy Birthday to Audrey, breaking the startled silence that has descended over the table.

Elsewhere After receiving a diagnosis of early menopause, Faye Windass is also going through a difficult period, and regrettably, despite his best efforts, her lover Craig Tinker isn’t helping.

Faye rips a piece off Craig as he begs her employer Carla Connor not to put her under any pressure at work.

Faye receives an apology from Craig for being injured. She is upset, though, when he gives her a unique nightgown that is intended to keep her cool and enhance her slumber.

When Faye responds that he can do as he pleases when he asks if he should return to his mother’s, Craig packs his things.

Later, Faye sees Craig and fellow cop Jess having fun at their community involvement booth and is upset by the fact that he seems to be having a good time.

Carla pops up the fizz and thanks the production staff for completing the order ahead of schedule. Faye also makes a pass to Michael Bailey, a colleague of hers, in the Rovers’ back yard.

Spider Nugent, meantime, feels apprehensive when fellow protester Griff presents himself to his ex-girlfriend Toyah Battersby and she accepts his invitation to join their demonstration.

Spider tries to persuade Toyah that Griff is a loose cannon and that she should avoid him because she is out on bail after returning from the demonstration. Leanne furiously accuses Spider of guiding Toyah astray and foresees catastrophe.

And when Summer Spellman arrives to the garage to find newbie Aaron Sandford nursing a swollen lip, he confesses to her that he is being assaulted.

When she presses him about his injury, he loses his cool.

Later, though, he apologizes to Summer and confesses that it was his father who was responsible for his wounds. Aaron reveals that his father is an alcoholic who sometimes gets angry.

Summer won his heart, and he called to pick her up for their vacation. She then abruptly collapses, which causes Aaron to get alarmed.

When Summer regains consciousness, she tells Aaron that she forgot to take her insulin by accident. Aaron and Summer tell Todd they missed their flight as they return from the tram stop. Aaron searches through Summer’s bag in the flower shop apartment and is surprised by what he discovers.

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