ITV Corrie ‘kicks it out of park’ with important depression storyline as Audrey has fans in tears but they issue warning

Fans of Coronation Street flocked to the soap opera to applaud it for an important depression plotline after watching poignant scenes starring Audrey Roberts.

Sue Nicholls’ character Audrey revealed that she had tried suicide three weeks previously and that a “nosy neighbor” had discovered her collapsed after taking sleeping pills as she caught up with friends Ken Barlow, Rita Tanner, Roy Cropper, and Claudia Colby over afternoon tea.

The startled group confessed their guilt for not recognizing the warning indications that their buddy was struggling as they struggled to process the shocking discovery in Monday night’s show. They also asked her what precipitated the suicide attempt.

As they talked about the difficulties that being older might bring, Audrey acknowledged that she had repressed her emotions.

She said she missed her late husband Alfie and that after feeling worthless and enduring the deterioration of her eyesight, she had turned to drinking. After confiding in her friends, she felt better and decided to take the course of antidepressants that Dr. Susan Gaddas had last week recommended for her.

As Audrey was observed returning to her old salon after afternoon tea, the gang came together to devise a plan to take care of her. She got a glass of water and took her prescription while she mourned her late spouse.

Looking in a salon mirror, she said, “Here’s to you nosy Nicky number 7,” thanking her neighbor for helping her and maybe saving her life. “Life in the old girl yet Alfie love,” she continued.

The sequences in Corrie that addressed mental health concerns and the effects of loneliness on senior citizens received a lot of positive feedback from fans. Absolutely digging the #Corrie plot tonight, Dawn Marie tweeted. As always, #Audrey is killing it. Elderly depression is not discussed sufficiently. Bravo, @itvcorrie!


“I love Ken, Rita, and Roy all devising a plan to take care of Audrey,” the television remarked. @Mstamara “I adore this episode showing mental health issues and the significance of social support among the elderly,” she said in her comment.

SO crucial. The Audrey subplot in tonight’s #Corrie, according to @a w89, “shows how crucial it is to check in on one other.”

“My favorite part about the sequences with Audrey discussing her suicide attempt is that it feels so authentic from the actors, the scriptwriting, and even the directing,” commented @scripttoscene. I want to listen to it because it is done with honesty rather than being done to make me cry. “I didn’t think it would have that effect, but Audrey’s tale really grabbed me tonight,” @1011cheryl said. Well-written and thought-provoking, it brought tears to my eyes. “A wonderful end, we’re getting the old Audrey back,” tweeted @GrocottJanice.

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