ITV Corrie fans spot same problem with staged robbery fiasco as they’re distracted by detail

As Ryan Connor pretended to rob the Bistro, Coronation Street viewers jumped in to weigh in. Owner Debbie Webster gave the DJ the order to impersonate a break-in so she could submit an insurance claim.

Ryan was furious, though, when Debbie informed him that the robbery was off. Ryan informed Debbie that he would fuse the electricity during Casino Night and steal the money from the safe.

When the cafe suddenly went dark, Debbie grudgingly assisted Ryan with his plan. Ryan tucked the cash into his gym bag as the Bistro patrons flowed into the Rovers, but Leanne Battersby had already shown up.

Leanne flipped the switch, and the lights turned back on while Ryan hid. Ryan emerged from his hiding position holding the bag of stolen money and pretended to have just arrived.

Debbie was reassured by Ryan that the money was hidden in his bedroom. When Leanne later discovered all the money was gone, she was terrified, and Debbie told Ryan to call the police.

Fans of Corrie, however, weren’t persuaded by the scenes and voiced their opinions on Twitter. How much money does a Salford backstreet cafe make on a Monday, exclaimed @ShaunInBrum?

RT @StuartYoung001: “What’s up with all that wedge? Not a Bistro product.”

“At what point in the scriptwriting meeting did NO ONE suggest The Bistro will be mostly card payments,” questioned @HazelScottComms. If they had just £100 in the safe, they’d be lucky. It’s a bistro, not a Brinks-Mat, said @pam debeauvoir.

Viewers of Coronation Street were diverted by glam Debbie’s new quiff hairstyle at the same moment. They compared it to Cameron Diaz’s famous hairstyle from the 1998 movie There’s Something About Mary.

The comment from @Blockbustargirl that Debbie’s quiff is everything. “Debbie has very’something about Mary’ vibes,” tweeted @rozlaws. She may be sketchy, but Debbie is such a fashion icon, said @chippytea_. Then @Bates “Debbie with her ‘Something about Mary’ hair,” she wrote.

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