ITV Corrie fans play detective as they think they’ve worked out major twist in Stu murder storyline

Mild-mannered Speed Stu Carpenter, the chef at Daal, was exposed as a killer in shocking circumstances on Friday night. His frightened love interest Yasmeen Metcalfe told her granddaughter Alya that she never wants to see Stu again after hearing the shocking news, which left viewers in shock.

Viewers of the soap opera have previously seen Stu meet his daughter Bridget when Yasmeen found her address. But Bridget in the ITV soap opera told her dad to leave, so he didn’t exactly get off to a good start.

Then, unexpectedly, Stu informed Yasmeen that it was the incorrect address, causing followers to speculate as to what Stu was concealing. When the Gazette sought to write a story on the restaurant’s plans for the remaining food, his secret was also made public.

Stu was scared to run across his ex-wife Lucy at Speed Daal after being covered extensively in the Gazette.

In addition to telling Stu to keep away from Bridget, she also revealed a shocking fact about Stu’s background while reminding her ex of Charlie Walter, a young girl he murdered.

Stu pleaded his innocence, telling Yasmeen and Alya that he had been wrongfully imprisoned for the murder, while Lucy marched out of the restaurant.

When Lucy and Yasmeen caught up in Victoria Garden, Yasmeen recounted how Stu admitted to having an affair with a young waitress and killed her. Yasmeen then orders him out of the restaurant.

In the episode that aired on Monday night, Stu’s friend Kelly Neelan promised to hear the other side of the tale, and she and Aadi Alahan discovered him laying in the street, inebriated and barely awake.

At the hospital, Stu yelled that she was a bother and no longer welcome, making the youngster feel rejected and unimportant and insisting that Kelly would be better off without him.

As Kelly ran away, Corrie fans joined her in believing that Stu is innocent and shared her notion that Stu is concealing for someone else, likely his daughter, in connection with the crime. “Stu obviously didn’t do it,” tweeted @mint250, “I think he covered for someone.”

“I suppose his daughter killed her and he covered for her as any dad would,” @VampLover27 said. Also from @joy9kat: “Stu will undoubtedly be found innocent. Of course, for Christmas.”

He “clearly didn’t do it,” tweeted @Beckie Miller. I think Stu is innocent, and I’m looking forward to seeing more of this narrative develop, like @xxAlicia89 commented. Furthermore, @unsworth1live tweeted: “#Corrie I suspect Stuart thought his daughter had confessed to the murder in order to save herself.”

Do you believe that Stu committed murder or was he defending his daughter, who may have done it? was the question posed by @mikepriestley13. Theypd tweeted: “Without a doubt, Stu never did it. His daughter most likely did.” And @tamlizann questioned, “Is Stu trying to avoid taking responsibility for daughter Bridget?”

“Stu’s daughter killed Charlie when she found out about the affair and he confessed to cover for her,” @CxxPIPxx typed. Stu’s ex-wife or daughter learned about the relationship, and one of them killed the girl. Knowing this, he confessed to the crime in order to protect them, according to @kellymew_.

Bill Fellows’ portrayal of the character debuted in Corrie last year. He immediately rose to fame as the homeless man who discovered the proof that helped Corey Brent be held accountable for the terrible murder of Seb Franklin.

When Stu visits Yasmeen at Speed Daal on Wednesday after being released from the hospital, Zeedan, her grandson, dismisses him. Later, when Yasmeen gets home, she discovers Stu taking his watch from his former room. She secretly hits the “call” button on her phone to let Zeedan know what is going on.

Zeedan rushes enters room 6 with PC Craig Tinker Craig after receiving Yasmeen’s SOS. Craig detains him for disturbing the peace.

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