ITV Corrie fans make plea as New Year’s Eve horror delivers killer twist for murderer Stephen

Fans of Coronation Street appealed as they watched Stephen Reid’s most recent antics. For months, his intricate web of lies and deceit has pulled the unwary residents of Weatherfield into it. Viewers of Corrie on Thursday, December 29, witnessed the renegade businessman and Teddy Thompkins engage in a frightening street brawl that left Teddy battling for his life.

Leo’s father, a civil engineer, confronted rogue businessman Stephen over his son’s disappearance. Leo’s father started dating Jenny Connor, a landlady at Rovers Return, last year. Teddy explained that Leo had never arrived in Canada as anticipated to begin a new life, that the texts he had sent were actually from Weatherfield, and that he had planned to tell his fiancée Jenny.

Teddy was abruptly struck by a van as Stephen, who pushed Leo to his death from the Underworld factory back in September because he dared to reveal his financial difficulties, feared the net was closing in. Stephen was pleasantly surprised when Jenny disclosed that she had received a call from the hospital notifying her that Teddy had gotten worse in the soap opera’s New Year’s Eve episode.

Stephen told Jenny, who was inconsolable, that Teddy had confided in him just before the tragedy that he had seen Leo in Canada and had made it very clear that he never wanted to see any of them again.

Stephen and Jenny were cozy as they viewed the fireworks together as the New Year celebrations got underway. She kissed him to express her gratitude for his support.

Then Stephen approached Elaine Jones, another fan he has enticed into his cunning plans, and said, “I have a feeling that 2023 is going to be a good year.” Teddy opened his eyes in his hospital bed just as Stephen was about to believe he had survived once more.

After noticing their closeness, many went to Twitter to implore Stephen not to date Jenny.

They shared a kiss in September, when she believed her relationship with Leo was gone and he was trying to take over the bar.

“PLEASE DO NOT LET JENNY & STEPHEN GET TOGETHER,” implored @RyanTheSoapking. @Enfield Oh Stephen, stop being around Jenny so much, Garry groused.

“@itvcorrie #corrie #coronationstreet Stephen is gonna make another move on Jenny,” tweeted @tonguetwisteruk. “Corrie, for the love of God, do not place Stephen with Jenny in 2023,” @mikepriestley13 said.

And if Stephen does develop feelings for Jenny once more, things don’t seem good. This week, she brings Teddy with her as she returns from the hospital, assisting him as Stephen despairingly looks on.

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