ITV Corrie fans distracted by ‘annoying’ detail in Yasmeen scenes but pick out surprising new romance

As they settled in to watch Wednesday’s episode of the soap opera Coronation Street, many saw the same thing.

Since Yasmeen Nazir, the love interest of chef Stu Carpenter, learned that he was serving a 27-year sentence for the murder of a young woman with whom he had an affair, Stu Carpenter has argued that he is innocent.

Stu has stated that he was wrongfully detained to Yasmeen, her grandchildren Alya and Zeedan.

However, a terrified Yasmeen is yet to accept Stu’s pleadings after she endured months of violence at the hands of her late husband Geoff Metcalfe as part of the horrifying coercive control plot.

When he came up at her house, PC Craig Tinker detained him for disturbing the peace and placing him under arrest.

And while Yasmeen attempted to organise a fundraising event at her restaurant Speed Daal, she had a panic attack when Craig revealed that Stu might be released in a matter of days.

She attempted to speak to the attendees of the fundraiser about domestic abuse but was panicked. And when Yasmeen’s next-door neighbor Roy Cropper called to report finding her in a horrible state and having trouble breathing, he jumped to her aid and put on an apron to assist in the kitchen.

Stu informed Zeedan about his case papers and his plans to prove his innocence as Zeedan was visiting him in the prison visiting room.

Yasmeen was shocked when Zeedan called the solicitors’ office and instructed Adam Barlow to ask for Stu’s case files.

Zeedan was being accosted by an upset Yasmeen when Stu called him and begged him to give Yasmeen the phone. She then terminated the connection after screaming at her grandson to put the phone down.

Fans of Corrie expressed their dissatisfaction that Yasmeen is not paying attention. Yasmeen, please stop talking because Zeedan is trying to talk to Stu on the phone, tweeted @j raff2021. Yasmeen’s voice, according to @pam debeauvoir, is “going right through me.”

@BluerayBird commented: “So annoying.” Yasmeen is grating on my nerves, tweeted @StaceyDuffy. “Stu has gone to prison for what, I didn’t even see him do anything,” tweeted @mj margaret. “When he comes out, he should get as far away from her as possible.” Yasmeen is really getting on my nerves about this. They’ve wrecked Yasmeen’s character, cried @KatMarBax.

But while sympathies for the character over her prior ordeal were expressed, @RyanGSoapKing11 stated: “Yasmeen having a panic attack.” She appeared to be looking admiringly at her hero Roy, who had gotten the fundraising back on track, while others thought they had found a prospective love interest.

“Yasmeen has her eye on Roy,” @Willswhinge tweeted. Yasmeen appeared briefly as though she would be moved by the sight of Roy wearing a pink pinny, according to @corriepodcast. Don’t pair up Roy and Yas, @Bebop76845845 begged. However, @a w89 noted: “Yasmeen desperately needs a good man, therefore start a petition for her and Roy to get together at itvcorrie! #corrie”

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