ITV Corrie fans distracted as Adam Barlow unveils yet another new hairstyle

As soap idol Adam Barlow unveiled yet another haircut, Coronation Street fans were taken away from the drama on the fabled cobbles. Adam has been showing off the most recent in a long series of looks, and watchers of soap operas have taken notice.

The grandson of Ken Barlow has had a variety of hairstyles throughout the years, including long, straight hair for a while and then natural curls. Fans have been commenting on the dapper solicitor’s straight, slicked-back hair at the moment.

After becoming the center of the drama in June when stalker Lydia Chambers threatened his marriage to wife Sarah, Adam came back with a new hairstyle that had short sides and wavy hair at the top.

When Adam proudly unveiled a head of natural curls in April, people couldn’t help but notice how much he resembled his relative Simon Barlow in the ITV soap opera.

This week, viewers were once more chatting about the gelled wet-look. Tweeted @runninoncaffine: “Adam’s hair always appears overly oily since he overdoes the gel application.

Sharing a photo of the persona in 2016, when he made his ninth visit to the cobbles, @AntMelia94 yelled: “Adam has to get his hair back to this ASAP.”

Is Adam’s hair damp, or is it only appearing that way due to the excessive usage of gel, as @pam debeauvoir questioned? Also, @Dee Cee95x questioned: “Adam probably changes his hairstyle every week. Is it only me?”

Adam, portrayed by Sam Robertson, has had a difficult year after his ex Lydia, portrayed by Rebecca Ryan, pretended to have an affair, which caused Sarah, his wife, to abandon him. Because of the way he treated her when they were in college, Lydia became friends with Sarah and devised a plan to destroy their marriage.

Then, after setting up a meeting with his bitter ex, Adam had a horrific accident that put his sight in jeopardy. On the first level of a shopping center, Lydia gave Adam a forceful shove during their argument, rendering him unconscious.

Sarah phoned the police after Lydia admitted to harassing Adam, destroying her own apartment, and staging it to appear as though they were having an affair.

But things took a startling turn when Adam got up from his hospital bed and went to the police station to make amends for his previous actions and make sure Lydia was released.

Adam is the son of Mike Baldwin and Susan Barlow, who passed away. Sam took over the post in 2004 and held it through 2007. He later returned in 2016 to assist Ken following the stroke. Sam acknowledged in February that he had considered “hanging up his suit” as Adam and that his dramatic Fatal Attraction-style plot had made him feel the need to “recalibrate.”

The Dundee-born actor, 36, revealed to the Manchester Evening News and other media outlets that he was feeling “confused” about his career.

When asked if he would prefer to see Sarah, played by Tina O’Brien, and Adam stay together after their marriage had been strained, he responded, “I don’t know about that.

I’m not sure. “I think one thing that I’ve appreciated about working with Rebecca so much is that it’s been a bit different actually,” he said.

“In my opinion, familiarity sometimes creates contempt. Sometimes you read a screenplay and think, “I feel like this is the same scene I did a year ago.” Then you ask yourself, “Is it me, is it the character, or is it the other actors?” ‘”

After she had dated the murderer Gary Windass, Adam and Sarah got married on the set of Corrie in February 2020. Fans are worried about the couple since they seem to have lost their early chemistry and they believe Adam may be having an affair with his neighbor Alya Nazir.

@teenamassam said: “I forgot Adam was Sarah’s husband, they’re barely seen together. Why are Sarah and Adam married? They don’t even like each other at all.” @HollyWe16626271 questioned: “Why are Sarah and Adam married?

Adam is wasted with Sarah, according to @tamlizann, who also said: “I detect chemistry and attraction between Adam and Alya.” @Samanth22356123 added: “Oh please Alya & Adam get it on.”

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