ITV Corrie fans demand return of Alina Pop for explosive Christmas storyline

When Tyrone Dobbs cheated on Fiz Stape with younger lady Alina Pop last year, Fiz Stape suffered grief.

And Corrie viewers predict a fiery Christmas storyline as they ask for his ex to make a shocking return.

Viewers of Coronation Street are demanding justice for Fiz’s new husband Phill after she ruthlessly deserted him on the day of their wedding so that she could remarry Tyrone.

They are still keeping their restored connection under wraps.

However, nothing is ever easy in Weatherfield, and supporters are pleading with Alina to come back from Romania, perhaps bringing a baby with her.

You know by Christmas Alina is coming back to Weatherfield with her and Tyrone’s baby son on Fiz and Tyrone’s doorstep, wondered @bredrew2 on Twitter after Monday night’s episode, which featured a heartbroken Phill trying to win Fiz back while unknowingly begging Tyrone for assistance.

In a message to Alina’s actress Ruxandra Porojnicu, @nut f1 wrote: “@RuxPorojnicu Now all we need is for Alina and Tyrone’s child to show up on the street.

And @BRoymacauley added: “I’m eagerly anticipating Alina Pop’s return to bring Fiz to justice for what she did to Phil.”

“Alina’s return would serve Fizz right for the messes she has made, in my opinion,” remarked @mrtweetings. Are we all prepared for Alina to return with Tyrone’s child, tweeted @Ali89 91? said @iamliv_ “Okay, I’ll just say it. Tyrone and Fiz shouldn’t rekindle their relationship.

Phil ought to be with her. Alina will undoubtedly return shortly with the child.” “I hope Alina will be back with Tyrone’s baby for Christmas,” tweeted @homebrew19721.

Fiz was saddened to learn that he had feelings for their lodger, who became pregnant with his child, as they had been planning a “Mamma Mia”-style Greek wedding with Tyrone.

He moved into the apartment that Fiz had with her closest friend Emma Brooker after leaving her to begin a new life with the beautician.

But after Tyrone’s envious stepdaughter Hope set fire to the baby’s cot in their apartment while Alina was asleep, the couple was horrified. Then, tragically, Alina miscarried their son.

As Tyrone, who had a daughter named Ruby with his ex-wife Kirsty Soames, sought to shield Hope, a chasm developed between the two of them, and Tyrone realized he still had feelings for Fiz.

Fans of Coronation Street were shocked in September when Alina announced before leaving Weatherfield that she was pregnant once more.

She discovered that Tyrone had kissed Fiz behind her back and tried to leave the area without alerting him.

Tyrone attempted to stop Alina from leaving when he learned the news via Emma, but she informed him that she was going back to Romania.

Get that into your thick skull, this baby will have nothing to do with you, she yelled. And she said to him: “Why would I allow you get in contact with this baby?

You did a terrible job raising your two children, so why would I let you near mine?”

Tyrone eventually found Alina at her hotel and pleaded with her to allow him access to their child. Alina then shocked everyone by admitting that she was not pregnant at all.

Tyrone then made his way down to the street and intended to make apologies with Fiz, but she had already agreed to go out with a new guy, Phil.

The biggest surprise came when Alina was observed at the airport skipping the wine list and choosing a soft drink before laying her hand gently on her stomach, suggesting she might in fact be pregnant.

Alina made her debut appearance on the soap opera in April 2019. She was a victim of a slavery ring that forced her to work against her will in a nail salon.

She was subjected to a vicious human trafficking enterprise that required her to work long hours for little pay while subsisting in appalling conditions.

She was saved from the traffickers, and after Seb Franklin was given a job at the salon where she worked, they fell in love. Alina traveled back to Romania as the truth about her servitude came to light.

The following year, Seb had moved on with Emma when Alina went back to the street. After staying with Tyrone, Fiz, and their girls, she started to fall in love with him.

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