ITV Coronation Street’s Tanisha Gorey points out problem with cute snap in new home with boyfriend

Tanisha Gorey, a star of Coronation Street, quickly pointed out a flaw in her own image as she posed at home for the adorable picture. The actress, who is best known for her role as Asha Alahan in the ITV soap opera, posted on Instagram over the weekend and quickly received praise from her cast mates.

The 20-year-old soap star was seen posing in the center of a spotless white and gray kitchen as she got ready to leave. Tanisha looked gorgeous wearing a white linen playsuit with a belt around the waist and elegant black shoes.

Her long, dark hair was pulled back into a ponytail and swished across her shoulder, and she wore minimal jewelry.

Tanisha smiled for the picture before posting it to her Instagram page for her 86,000 followers to see. But she might have been anticipating comments when she penned a caption.

She wrote, “Someone get the iron out,” implying that her chosen dress was a touch wrinkled. However, no one appeared to be upset as her Corrie co-stars spoke up right away.

Pack it in, right now,” accompanied with a number of flame emojis, was what Sally Carman, who portrays Abi Webster in the ITV soap, posted.

Cuuuute, said Alexandra Mardell, who earlier this year quit the soap opera in which she played Emma Brooker. The face, the clothing, the new kitchen.. it’s all,” along with the pinched fingers emoji, was also posted by Kelly Neelan actor Millie Gibson, who also happens to be Tanisha’s off-screen bestie.

Tanisha responded to Millie, “You are the light of my life,” while saying to Sally, who recently wed fellow Corrie actor Joe Duttine, “well I do adore you heheh.”

Additionally, her supporters and followers spread the praise. Wow, you look amazing, commented @cobbingdouglas. The remark from @lucylusmakeupandmusic was, “Looking absolutely fire girl.” “Absolutely lovely as always,” @shaun.howden.9 retorted. Beautiful photo, @tanisha.gorey, tweeted @adampeterthompson.

But Tanisha wasn’t the only one who received attention. Nice kitchen, according to @gavincu7. “Stunning, I wish my kitchen was so neat,” said @sarahcook196. The reply that appeared to be from Tanisha’s boyfriend, Lucas, read: “@lucaswhelan_ you never tidied my kitchen like that.”

At the end of June, the couple settled into their first joint residence. Tanisha posted a picture of the couple holding out their house keys while standing outside the property on Instagram. Another image captured Lucas and Tanisha happy as they drove their goods to their new house.

The Corrie star captioned the photo, “I can’t quite believe we’ve bought our first home!!! She said, “Cue the standard selfie hehe,” before her co-stars joined her in her happiness.

Congratulations to you two, Ellie Leach, who portrays Faye Windass in the ITV serial, said. Yessss it’s happened, Kimberly Hart-Simpson, who left the soap as Nicky Wheatley, responded with a string of heart emojis.

Sally reported: “Hurrah!!! YES, YOU ARE!!” Congratulations, said Maria Windass actor Samia Longchambon. Corrie’s Toyah Battersby, played by Georgia Taylor, revealed: “You have my undying admiration, Angel.

Charlotte Jordan, who starred in Daisy Midgeley, said: “It is doneeeeeee praising beeeee – cheese wine and scrabble round yours chicks yeah?”

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