ITV Coronation Street’s Summer Spellman uncovers boyfriend’s devastating secret

Spoilers for Coronation Street reveal The mystery of Summer Spellman’s boyfriend is about to come to light.

The character, who is portrayed by Harriet Bibby, has started dating Aaron Sandford. But since since the new love interest made his Cobbles debut, showgoers have been dubious of his genuine intentions.

When Summer shows up at the garage the next week and discovers Aaron is nursing a fat lip, she will investigate further to learn what Aaron is concealing. When she tries to find out the truth, her lover shouts at her.

Aaron will subsequently apologize before admitting the tragic truth that his father was to blame for the wounds. He says his father is an alcoholic who occasionally gets angry.

Aaron and Summer decide to take a calm vacation in order to forget about the incident. Summer agrees to preserve Aaron’s secret. When Summer gets her A Level results, she is again shocked.

Summer had aspirations of attending Oxford University, but after being disqualified, she scores an X on her English exam.

Before leaving on vacation, the character will pass out, and when she comes to, she’ll confess she didn’t take her insulin.

The two miss their flight and return to the apartment, but when Aaron looks through Summer’s bag, he is stunned by what he discovers.

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