ITV Coronation Street’s Samia Longchambon shares what children said to her after set visit

As Maria Windass in Coronation Street, née Sutherland and formerly Connor, Samia Longchambon has matured in front of viewers. And if her kids got their way, they might have ended up acting in the same way.

The Eccles-born actress, who will turn 40 on Wednesday, July 13, has been considering her career.

Before agreeing to marry Tyrone Dobbs when he proposed on top of Blackpool Tower, the character had been a kennelmaid at the family-run Sutherland’s Kennels for 22 years when she joined the ITV soap opera.

She just spent the day at work with her two kids, Yves, 6, and Freya, 12, who she has with her ex-Dancing On Ice partner Sylvain Longchambon and with whom she had her first marriage.

Samia wrote: “Friends and family day at work.. so nice to be able to show my kids and friends around the cobbles today, Ralf came along too and bagged himself 1st prize at the dog show!” accompanied a photo of the two of them taken outside the Rovers Return with roaming pet dog, Ralf.

Samia has now opened out about the possibility of her children following in her footsteps and becoming soap stars in an interview with The Sun’s TV magazine, just days before her milestone birthday.

She said, “The kids adore it. “They said afterward that when they grow up, they want to work on Corrie!

“Yves is six and Freya is twelve. Both of them are rather independent, especially Freya now that she spends time with her friends and other things.

It moves so quickly! It passes by so quickly, yet it also seems like a lifetime ago when I talk to her about when she was born and when she was a baby this morning.

Freya loves acting, she attends a theater class every Saturday, and she really enjoys it, but I would never pressure her into it, she said of her oldest child.

I won’t mind if she ever gets tired of it or decides to stop doing it. It’s quite challenging to work in this field.

Samia recently discussed her worries about her young children’s safety online as Maria goes through a terrifying trolling adventure on-screen.

Samia said to the Manchester Evening News and other media after talking about her own experience with internet negativity: “It makes you feel insecure.

Even if you get 99 positive remarks, you just remember that one negative one and assume that’s how poor you must be at your work, how you must look, etc. Whatever they are remarking on, that’s what you remember, even if you don’t want to.

“Those folks would never say it to your face in public, I’ve come to understand.

They think it’s acceptable to hide behind a keyboard, but it isn’t. Online activity should be monitored, in my opinion, particularly for young people who use social media.

Because you’re such an easy target on social media, I become really worried about my 12-year-old daughter using the internet.

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