ITV Coronation Street’s Peter Barlow risks Spider’s police cover being blown in brawl scenes

This week’s revelation that Spider Nugent is a police informant had Coronation Street viewers in shock. Years after leaving Weatherfield with his then-girlfriend Toyah Battersby, the character, played by Martin Hancock, has made a triumphant return. Their romance fizzled off, and Spider left for Peru.

But after the passing of her new husband Imran Habeeb, Toyah found herself back in Spider’s arms as he supported her and provided solace as she awaits her murder trial. Georgia Taylor’s character, Toyah, was enraged when her ex-boyfriend confessed to being married.

However, during the most recent visit to Weatherfield on Monday (September 12), he told her that their marriage was over. As they shared a passionate kiss on the balcony and decided to wait to announce their relationship until Toyah’s murder trial, Imran’s enraged mother Saira could be seen standing above them.

When DS Swain asked for names, she was then seen informing her about Toyah’s new relationship and responding that she didn’t know his real name but that he goes by the name Spider. After a brief change in attitude, DS Swain was later seen confronting Spider and asking him for information regarding Toyah.

Martin has since been seen filming scenes as activist Spider after the shocking ones. The images appeared to show Peter Barlow fighting with some of his protestor friends in a brutal altercation. It happens after Corrie viewers “figured out” that Spider isn’t really attempting to learn information about Toyah.

ITV soap opera viewers speculate that he may be keeping a close eye on his friend Griff after the newcomer caused mayhem on the streets when he overreached during a protest outside Carla Connor’s Underworld business.

In a series of first-look Corrie images, it appears that Peter, as played by Chris Gascoyne, lashes out at one of Spider’s friends and pushes him to the ground after the group starts to approach him in the scenes, which were recently recorded at Hulme at the Niamos Radical Arts & Centre.

Spider, who plays the Coronation Street resident and appears to be incensed by the gang of men, can be seen pacing uncomfortably in the background. However, it seems in futile as Peter strikes back by knocking one of the men to the ground, sparking more fighting between the group.

When one of the men threatens to throw a brick at Peter, Spider steps in and stops him, plainly endangering his status in the force, which is still unknown to the residents of Weatherfield. And while Chris, who has portrayed Peter for 22 years, may have been upset, he grinned and joked in between takes.

Martin, who portrays Spider, recently made fun of the fact that Toyah wasn’t really the reason he returned to Weatherfield, especially now that he’s rediscovering his previous love for her. The one person in the world he genuinely doesn’t want to deceive or upset is Toyah, and that’s incredibly difficult for him, the soap star admitted.

When asked how hard the no-nonsense DS Swain is pushing him, he responded, “It’s really tough, she really turns the screw on Spider and places him in an almost impossible position and the cliffhanger is, does he crumble or does he not? The truth is, he absolutely adores her but he’s also got his work to get on with but it’s difficult and it’s a fine line it’s treading.”

Martin seems to indicate that there is much more to be revealed that will explain Spider’s shift in employment when asked if he was astonished by Spider’s major bombshell.

The serial actor remarked, “It’s a strange one because there comes a point where you wonder, can I get more done inside the system.

Although I can’t reveal everything, there is a compelling narrative behind Spider’s decision to join the police, and in my opinion, it works despite the fact that he hasn’t exactly been an angel himself.

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