ITV Coronation Street’s Millie Gibson reveals special nod to Kelly viewers may miss during exit and souvenir she has taken from set

As she discussed her final days on the cobbles, Millie Gibson acknowledged that she was a “disaster.” The actress, who has portrayed Kelly Neelan in Coronation Street for three years, will leave the ITV soap in poignant scenes that will air this month as part of a special “Super Soap Week.”

She left the soap last month, and its creator, Iain MacLeod, finally acknowledged it when he discussed Weatherfield’s upcoming September and fall with the Manchester Evening News and other media. Corrie hasn’t held back on her departure either because Millie has already made the decision to go.

Iain told us, “We thought the fact that Millie is leaving and consequently Kelly’s leaving allows us to go really big and do something extremely high stakes and to get these characters to stand on these landmines that have been buried for them over the years and will go off in one cataclysmic explosion.”

When Kelly learns the truth from Sharon, her dad’s former assistant at the loan shark’s office, Millie described what happens to her as follows: “She doesn’t know what to do with herself and you gradually see this cold… almost like her dad’s creeping into her personality. It’s a whole different demeanor for her, but you can kind of see her starting to resemble Rick Neelan in that way. It’s terrible.

Additionally, Millie’s experience while filming with Gary actor Mikey North was extremely traumatic. The 18-year-old Broadbottom resident said of shooting her final scenes, “I’ve been a wreck.”

“There were a good two weeks when I was crying all the time because I guess I was just so overwhelmed and appreciative over the scenes and the tale that had been given to me, but there was a particular sequence that stand out to me,” the author said.

“Gary and I have never hugged during our relationship,” she said. We frequently ask one other, “Why have you never hugged me when I’m sobbing in the basement?”

However, there is a scene in which Gary hugs Kelly. It is a really straightforward scene, but when we performed it and shot it, I immediately started crying. I’m currently crying.

Speaking about her departure to the Manchester Evening News and other media, Millie revealed how she gave her character a special nod in her last moments and revealed the memento she brought home from the Salford-based set.

She declared, “I’m taking Kelly’s puffer coat, the huge fur coat that is the most outrageous coat ever. She always wears that black coat that resembles a trash bag in the winter, and every time it becomes warm outside I find myself missing that coat.

“When I wear that, I feel like her, so I’m going to take that for sure.” “This is a bit of a spoiler, but I made sure that in my last scene I was wearing that coat,” Millie continued.

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