ITV Coronation Street’s Millie Gibson looks stunning as she’s supported by co-star bestie who she ‘loves to bits’

Millie Gibson, a star of Coronation Street, made a different kind of TV appearance today and looked just as stunning as ever.

The teen’s character Kelly Neelan was recently seen by viewers of the ITV soap trapped in a cellar after being abducted by her dad’s former clients.

The actress, who recently turned 18, appeared on ITV’s Lorraine to discuss her current plot with host Lorraine Kelly, a self-described Corrie fan.

The presenter and Corrie cast member said, “I have a feeling he’s going to go the full Liam Neeson in Taken, don’t you think?” as she watched a clip of Gary Windass receiving a threatening phone call from Kelly’s captor.

Millie agreed and replied: “It literally is that, isn’t it? Kelly finds it challenging to view him in that light because she has always trusted him and viewed him as a father figure.

Therefore, I believe it will be challenging for her to witness his redness when he breaks through! “She made fun.

In another part of the conversation, Millie gushed about how much she admired the actress Jodie Comer.

“For you as a young actress with everything ahead of you, is there somebody that you really think to yourself, ‘that’s the sort of career I would like?'” Lori enquired.

Millie responded right away: “I cherish Jodie Comer. I can’t get enough of Jodie Comer. Her entire body of work is amazing, and I find her career path to be very idealistic.”

Talk also turned to her recent birthday celebrations. After celebrating her milestone birthday earlier this month, Lorraine noted that she is still only a teen. Millie responded, “I’m a woman, I’m fully grown now!” before recalling how she made her “first appearance” on the soap when she was only 15 years old.

After lockdown, the soap star, who won best young performer at the British Soap Awards, was able to celebrate her birthday with a party where some of her current and former Corrie co-stars were present.

While Lorraine looked at a photo of Millie posing in a fiery red outfit at her celebrations, Millie remarked, “I was very glad, because I was one of those that were lucky enough to enjoy my 18th when lockdown was finally over.”

She continued, laughing, “First drink ever!” Lorraine responded, “Yeah yeah, I believe you… not!” Before saying, “It was a great night,” Millie made a joke about how good it tasted.

Millie spoke about her off-screen relationships with her Corrie co-stars as Tanisha Gorey traveled with her from Manchester to London. Millie was dressed for the hot weather in a white floral summer dress with a though high split, which she paired with white flip-flops and plenty of blue-themed jewelry.

On Tuesday night (July 19), as they began their drive to the city, the couple shared a selfie on Instagram. “4 hours by car to London? @tanisha.gorey, don’t mind if we do “The couple were dressed in strappy dresses in shades of blue and pink, and Millie captioned the picture with that. Tanisha said, implying that it might not be an easy trip, “especially when I’m really travel ill.”

Nevertheless, the co-stars arrived without incident. From their hotel room, they took a selfie together in the mirror. She exclaimed, “We made it,” as they left for supper.

The camera panned to show Tanisha, who portrays Asha Alahan in the ITV serial, standing at her friend’s side as she made her television debut. Tanisha looked stylish in a white little dress.

“And you’ve made some really wonderful buddies haven’t you,” she said when Lorraine described Corrie being a “family.” which Millie answered: “Everyone there is wonderful.

My sequences with adult performers like Mikey North (Gary), Georgia Taylor (Toyah Habeeb), and Charlie De Melo (Imran Habeeb) make up the majority of my work. I’ve collaborated with a lot of folks.”

But Tanisha and I are best friends, she said. She exclaimed, “I love my Tanisha,” as Lorraine added, “And she’s here today!” Before leaving for Manchester to work on the Salford-based soap, Lorraine asked them what they had planned for the rest of their day in London.

“Lorraine said, “I think it’s amazing that you two are such good friends. I know, she’s great. We adore one another dearly.” Added her: “It’s wonderful to meet someone on set with whom you click. Despite the fact that we don’t frequently appear in scenes together, we do.”

Since Mikey was in London as well to participate on Loose Women, Tanisha and Millie also got to catch up with another of their co-stars. After their TV appearances, the gang got together for supper. Millie snapped a photo of the two dining outside with fellow actor Brian Fletcher, with Mikey seen lifting a drink for the camera.

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