ITV Coronation Street’s Millie Gibson co-star ‘love’, eyebrow scar and exit date

One of Coronation Street’s most recognizable characters is Millie Gibson.

As Kelly Neelan, the former soap opera star joined The Cobbles’ ensemble in 2019 and quickly rose to prominence. When Kelly was wrongfully imprisoned for the killing of Seb Franklin, she played a crucial part in one of the most dramatic storylines on the show.

After the truth was discovered, the character was set free, but she had a difficult road to recover. Before Gary and Maria Windass finally took her in, she went to drugs and lost her home.

The 18-year-old has since stated she will leave the Cobbles, so her difficult time there will soon come to an end. She uttered: “I simply want to say that I’ve enjoyed the most fantastic four years now that the news has out about my leaving the cobbles.

“I’ve learned a lot growing up here and will always be grateful for the time I was given and the storylines I was given.

I can’t thank @coronationstreet enough for having me be a small part of this amazing family, and I can’t wait for you guys to see the upcoming episodes. Kelly Neelan will always have a special place in my heart.

Thank you so much for your support, everyone [heart emoji]. Earlier this month, the Corrie cast celebrated Millie’s stint on the show with a star-studded farewell party.

The actress who plays Asha Alahan, Tanisha Gorey, uploaded a photo of Millie holding her farewell gift as the two bonded over their common love of the show. “I’m going to miss you baby girl,” she wrote as the caption for the photo.

Off-screen, the two are best friends; during the belated Corrie Christmas party in May, Millie referred to Tanisha as the “love of her life.” Tanisha posted a number of glitzy pictures of the soap opera stars having a good time on her Instagram accounts.

“Crimbo party only 4 months late:)),” she wrote as the post’s caption. To praise her pal, Millie hurried to the comments section. That’s my life’s love, she exclaimed.

On Friday’s show, the two appeared on screen together as Kelly and Aadi’s romance became stronger. Aadi was worried that he had ruined everything when Kelly overheard him telling Asha that they got engaged in order to win a contest.

At the episode’s conclusion, they made amends and decided to get married. Fans surmised that this was the beginning of a sinister exit plot because marriages on Corrie rarely go as planned.

The last performance by Millie has not yet been formally announced. She has already shot her last scenes, despite the fact that Corrie episodes are often shot six to eight weeks in advance.

This suggests that the conclusion of her exit plot is most likely to occur in October, maybe during the show’s yearly Super Soap Week.

Fans of the serial opera Corrie will be heartbroken to see the actress leave because she has won them over. She once admitted, nevertheless, that she wasn’t sure if she would get the job.

There were many girls in the waiting area who didn’t resemble me, she remarked. They were all pretty articulate, and since I have a slight Manc accent in my speech, I was a little worried that I would have to portray her differently.

“But in the end, I decided against it since, despite Kelly being a student at a private school, I was aware that she did not exactly fit in with the other students. Therefore, I believe that lacking that polished, well-spoken voice worked rather well.

While portraying Kelly on Corrie, many viewers have noted Millie’s eyebrow, which some fans felt had been purposefully shaved as part of her role. On the other hand, Millie’s social media page states: “Before you ask – it’s a scar.”

Since Millie and her family are quite close, she has previously mentioned how her family finds the discussion surrounding this to be annoying. She uttered: “It is a scar, and my dad usually gets upset when people say things like “she put it on herself,” to which my dad replies, “No, she hasn’t!”

“One of my images from when I was younger, when I was around two or three, shows me looking like a genuine gangster.

“I supposedly had a huge head and it never really healed, but I kind of enjoy it! I hit my head on the corner of the banister while sprinting through this barn. The character really benefits from it!”

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