ITV Coronation Street’s Martin Hancock shares praise for DS Swain co-star as he talks soap fame second time round

Martin Hancock, who returned to the cobbles in the summer, has discussed what it’s like to experience soap fame again.

Fans of the ITV serial opera Coronation Street were ecstatic to see a beloved character return to the cobblestones 19 years after his departure.

Martin Hancock’s portrayal of eco-warrior Spider Nugent unexpectedly returned as Toyah Habeeb was participating in a protest. A lonely Toyah has been anxiously awaiting her trial for killing Imran earlier this year for a few weeks now.

As she makes an effort to divert herself from her loss, they have witnessed her becoming closer and closer to ex-Spider.

And she is guilty because it has been made known that Toyah will admit to intentionally crashing the automobile before Imran suffered a heart arrest and passed away at the site.

Viewers saw Spider pleading with Toyah to break up with Griff earlier this week, confessing his love for her and the breakdown of his marriage. A furious Saira, Imran’s mother, was spotted staring up at them as they shared a passionate kiss on the balcony and made the decision to conceal their connection until after the trial.

Later, when DS Swain approached the freshly returned character to beg for information on Toyah, viewers of the ITV soap opera were shocked to learn that he was actually working undercover for the police.

Martin responded to a question about how far the difficult DS Swain is pushing Spider by saying, “It’s pretty tough, she really pulls the screw on Spider and places him in an almost impossible position and the cliffhanger is, does he crumble or does he not?”

Martin did, however, have admiration for Vicky Myers, who portrays the tough officer in the ITV serial opera Weatherfield. “He is being pushed really hard by Vicky Myers’ outstanding performance as DS Swain. You couldn’t possibly meet a tougher, more hard-nosed cop than the one she portrays. She plays it so well.”

Martin said when asked how he was liking his most recent stint on the cobbles: “I’m more mature, sage, and collected the second time around. I can now appreciate it much more. The experience of working with Georgia and Jane again has been incredibly nice and delightful. I absolutely adore dealing with them. It’s great to see everyone again, and a lot of the staff is the same as well. Everything is pretty positive.”

He went on: “It’s been pretty wonderful out there. So far, it hasn’t been as abusive as it was the first time! People have been so gracious and thrilled to see Spider return. I believe that folks are pretty worried that I check on Toyah. Regarding Toyah, everyone is quite worried.”

And it was challenging for him to maintain Spider’s identity a secret from everyone, especially as Spider’s Corrie admirers began to exercise. Martin said, “It’s been hilarious trying to keep it to myself. It’s been challenging with all the detective work my pals have been doing to figure it out and all the little games they play to try to get it out of you. But it’s been enjoyable. Some of the speculating has also been enjoyable to me.

Martin hinted at what else would be revealed about the plot by saying, “There are some issues in the world today that we’re going to address, there’s some really horrible things going on, and we’re going to start digging into some of it.

While remaining Spider, he is becoming somewhat even more radical because he is pursuing some really risky targets.

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