ITV Coronation Street’s Kimberly Hart-Simpson returns to volunteer work after leaving soap

Following her confirmation that she had departed Coronation Street, Kimberly Hart-Simpson said she had been able to resume her voluntary activities.

The actress played Nicky Wheatley in the ITV serial opera in 2020, however she only stayed for a short time before leaving and coming back in March.

The former sex worker’s return to Weatherfield didn’t quite go as planned when Max Turner revealed her past occupation to everyone at Weatherfield High, where she had recently been hired to work alongside teacher and ex-boyfriend Daniel Osbourne.

Nicky was unable to afford the home she had chosen for herself after losing her new job, so Maisie and Daniel ended up taking her in.

Despite Nicky professing her affections for him, he quickly made up with girlfriend Daisy Midgeley, and Nicky decided it was time to leave.

She did, however, make a brief cameo appearance earlier this month in scenes with Peter Barlow, but she later said those were her only onscreen appearances for the time being.

An Instagram user questioned Kimberly during a Q&A: “Why are you quitting Corrie?” The 35-year-old responded: “Okkkk, let’s get this done because there are a lot of emails waiting to be answered.

“So leaving Corrie is not an option. More specifically, I returned in order to finish a plot that has already been started.

You won’t know for sure what will happen in the future if you watched Friday’s episode, but I can tell you this:

“I owe Corrie a lot, and I adore the city’s residents, atmosphere, and streets. Chapters make up life, and I eagerly await the next one.”

But now that she has a little more free time, Kimberly has been able to get back to something she loves doing very much: volunteering for the British Heart Foundation.

After taking some time off to care for her mother, the soap star shared on her Instagram Story that she was returning to the Picadilly Gardens shop.

In a video message to her fans, she said, “Most of you know that I work with the British Heart Foundation very closely and today I’m beginning back at my volunteer role in the shop.”

My mother’s work required me to take a sabbatical, but I’m back in the game today. She continued by listing some of the great deals she had found.

She displayed several things, including a vibrant orange midi dress with cut-out detailing and a few bodysuits, saying, “Whenever I’m on shift I always purchase stuff so this is from the £3 Pretty Little Thing range sale.”

She concluded her video by saying, “Make sure you head down there because there’s some absolute treats.”

Kimberly is a successful businesswoman in addition to being an actress. In 2018, she founded the fashion brand Hart-Work, where all of the products are handcrafted by the soap opera star herself.

Kimberly provides a description of her background in fashion on the website. She uttered: “After more than ten years of working as a professional actor, I decided to take up a sewing machine in 2018 when work was slow but my imagination was not.

“I find out I have the patience and a steady hand to make after watching hours of YouTube videos and wearing a few shady garms.

I had given birth to a new interest when I was fortunate enough to have my work appear on the red carpet at The Soap Awards 2018; Hart-Work! She frequently rescues goods from the charity shop and transforms them into brand-new pieces, wowing her social media admirers with her most recent handy work.

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