ITV Coronation Street’s Jodie Prenger on why she ‘scared people’ when she found out about soap role

Jodie Prenger, the newest cast member of Coronation Street, has explained why she “scared people” when she learned she had been cast in the ITV soap opera.

The stage actress and singer, who gained notoriety after winning the BBC television competition I’d Do Anything, has realized a long-held desire to walk on cobblestones.

She’ll make her debut in the long-running soap next week as Glenda, the ‘fun and sassy’ sister of George Shuttleworth, portrayed by Tony Maudsley, who made his first appearance in Weatherfield back in 2020. And when Glenda shows up to rescue the day, his on-screen family is about to expand.

When a dinner prepared by Sean Tully ends in disaster because he breaks his tooth and waits to go to the dentist because a funeral comes first, Jodie will be seen saving the day.

Later, George shows up at the funeral home for Mr. Pugh and says he took some of Eileen’s powerful painkillers to relieve his toothache, but Todd notices he’s high as a kite. George is pushed into one of the hearses by Todd. As Todd receives the third degree from Mrs. Pugh.

Glenda, George’s sister, then arrives and quickly assumes control of the situation after spotting George dozing off in the back of the funeral car.

When George arrives, he is delighted to see his sister and introduces Glenda to Eileen as Todd, Glenda, and Sean are enjoying how smoothly the funeral went.

Jodie explained to the Manchester Evening News and other media the following about how the role came about: “There was always some discussion, but after we performed Jonathan Harvey’s Hushabye Mountain show in Manchester, the discussions really got going. However, there was a phone call that was received, along with a lot of crying, informing us that Glenda was present. It truly was amazing.”

This indicates that because Jodie was in mind when the role was created, she did not have to endure the anxiety of a screen test. She chuckled and said, “It’s a good job.”

“Because every time I’ve wanted something so badly, I consistently perform horribly during the audition.

“So in a way, I’m grateful, but I did meet with Iain [MacLeod, the producer of Corrie] before everything got started. I realize I sound like the contest winner, but it really is fantastic.”

And when I was offered the position, there was a huge uproar in probably the least desirable of settings. “I must have terrified approximately 30 people at Ikea, by the grace of God.

My agent, Michelle, called while I was with my mother at the register and I rushed out. Michelle said, “We’ve got the offer for Corrie,” and I yelled and sobbed.

One of these individuals almost dropped her cactus. My mother started crying when she saw me, so she went back inside to get me some meatless meatballs, but that’s another story,” Jodie laughed. The worst part, in my opinion, was that I wanted to tell everyone, but I knew I couldn’t tell anyone. But yes, I believe I startled a sizable number of shoppers at Ikea that day.

When asked about her family’s reaction, Jodie, 43, who is from Manchester and is all from Moss Side, said: “My family used to have a laundrette and a cafe shop, and my Nan’s brother used to deliver Pat Phoenix’s groceries.

Jodie continued, “My grandmother Terry Doyle was an Elsie Tanner devotee.

“I believe it is truly an honor to be a part of a constitution and a family when you have loved something for such a long time. It has truly felt like that since entering.

That’s just a large, functioning, beautiful family, and it means the world to me.” Added her: “Driving up to the ITV gates on my first day made me feel like I was at MGM Studios. It was amazing. I didn’t need a trip to Disney World. I was already here!”

Some of Jodie’s earliest scenes are in the venerable Rovers Return, which affected the actress deeply.

“She continued, “I could feel the tears start to come down my face. My very first scene was in the Rovers, and I got ready incredibly early, not because I wanted to be there, simply because I was frightened I didn’t turn there on time. You are unaware of its impact. It was a very memorable occasion.”

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